Autodesk Advance Steel

Autodesk Advance Steel lessens the time taken in transitioning from design to the level of fabrication and also reduces errors on the way. With this software you can create perplex structures in much less steps with the option of Dynamo Extension for Advance Steel. There is a library of connections of parametric steel and tools dedicated for acceleration design and many other tasks involved. By the use of these tools you can automatically create and update :deliverables related to steel fabrication. Model-driven deliverables of shop can be created and files NC can streamline the fabrication and installation process.


The key features of Autodesk Advance Steel are: 

  • Steel Modeling:There are parametric connections readily available for use which help us save time. With this feature you can create models of steelwork quickly may they stairs, cage ladders, and railings. You can also make any shape folded elements with this feature.
  • Detailing and documentation: You can erect drawings at site and also make precise fabrication drawings. Enhanced NC Data can be generated by CNC workshop machines.
  • Interoperability: Bidirectional link that is there with Revit speeds up fabrication with model synchronization. The structure can also be optimized by these links. Collaboration also becomes more efficient. 


There are two pricing plans of Autodesk Advance Steel, both are expensive payment plans. First option is to pay every three years, this option gives the best value and has the price of $5940. Second option is an annual payment of $2200. The cheapest license key of autodesk advance steel can be found on


Autodesk Advance Steel has an easy interface, and those who have experience of using AutoCAD or Revit will face no issue using it. The accuracy levels are very high for this software. Consistent use of the software makes the tasks much easier for 3D steel modeling. If still there is any ambiguity related to use of the software or any query there is support available online. At the support and learning center available online for Autodesk Advance Steel you  can have access to tutorials, videos, documentation, and also resources for troubleshooting.


There are several success stories of the users who are making use of Autodesk Advance Steel software and excelling towards their goals and purposes. We have an example of SSEC of China Construction, which made use of this software to make the project structure at Guilin International Airport. Another example is of GRAEF, they have in-house project detailing related to fabrication because of the software. Let’s also discuss the story of TSI structures, this UK-based company made use of Autodesk Advance Steel to deliver the maternity wing within the time frame.

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