Automotive Electronic Components- What Are They, & How Are They Different From Others?

Automotive electronics are specially designed electronics, and they are intended for use in the automobile sector. These electronics can be subjected to and are therefore rated at the most extreme temperature ranges than the normal or commercial electronics.

In the automobile industry, most electrical devices are manufactured at several temperature grades in which each of the manufacturers defines its temperature ratings. This is the reason why there is a need to mention the actual specifications on the product datasheets by the designers and engineers.

Temperature rating grades-

1. Military—55 degrees to 125 degrees centigrade
2. Commercial-0 degree to 85 degrees centigrade
3. Industrial-40 degrees to 100 degrees centigrade
4. Automotive- -40 degrees to 120 degrees centigrade

The modern-day automobile, how did we get here so quickly? Bluetooth-powered, GPS connectivity, cooled seats, and advanced electronics and sensing components are some of the Automotive Electronic Components commonly installed in new generation automobiles.

In today’s automobiles, there is an average of 50-70 electronic control units. Cars have evolved well beyond those muscle cars of the 1960s and 1970s. With the advance of time, we have learned how to improve emissions and how to utilize alternate automobile fuel sources. With time the automotive supply chain has evolved, and the broad line components have been part of this amazing revolution.

Exhaust Temp Sensor is also used in the automotive which detects the exhaust gas temperature and converts it into voltage, and this feeds that voltage signal back to the engine, in this way, it helps in controlling the engine conditions and it effectively reduces the emissions.

The Exhaust Temp Sensor is located at-

• T3- before the turbocharger
• T4-after the turbocharger
• T5-before/after the diesel oxidation catalyst
• T6-before/after the particular diesel filter, and selective catalytic reduction
• TEGR- before/after High-pressure EGR cooling system

We can support you in these critical builds while meeting all regulatory codes and specifications.

The Broad range of components which we provide includes-

• Driver monitoring cameras
• Camera park assist
• Infotainment Module
• Wiper control
• LED Electronics
• Connectivity electronics
• Automotive electronics
• Automotive sensors
• Automotive lighting systems
• Fuel Pump Voltage Booster

What materials do we bring to the table?

• By partnering with us for your car or any electronic vehicle components, we guarantee you:
• Challenging terms that include bulk purchase alongside various deals and offers
• Supplying advanced technology components being manufactured on a leading scale
• Providing location features using automotive electronic components
• Delivering quick responses to any orders, even in case of emergency
• Fast delivery within business working days.

A Reliable supply network for the automotive electronic components

Our company has been involved in dispersing service for many decades. Over the past decades, we have built strong solid relationships with all the automotive electronic component manufacturers and franchised distributors of automotive materials around the globe.

Finally, our techies will save you from any stress related to availing the perfect part by having re-source under different manufacturers. Now we have long supply channels which are completely developed with the global manufacturers in several different markets.

We have all the components in stock, and we guarantee that most of the parts which we supply are genuine, manufacture direct, and of perfect quality.

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