Avail the Best PA DSS Certification Services for Secure Payment Applications

As a software vendor or developer of payment applications, your products need to conform to PCI DSS compliance. With the PA DSS certification process, you meet the objective of having developed secure applications that hardly retain prohibited data. You can find certified professionals to help you through each stage of the PA DSS assessment.

Applicable for developers, vendors, integrators or makers of payment applications, the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA DSS) requires them to adhere to certain data security requirements for using card information in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) environment. With the PA DSS certification, you can ensure that payment applications licensed, sold or distributed to third parties conform to the PA DSS requisites of the related product development.

With the help of PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) certified PA DSS Certification Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), you are guided through the assessment process offering services customized to your business’ particular needs. The professionals work with you until the application is certified and validated by the PCI SSC.The services offered are the best to improve the payment application products’ security in the debit or credit card transactions.

Get to Know the Process Steps for PA DSS Certification Services

For the PA-DSS certification, you need the assistance of a qualified PA-DSS assessor to help you through the certification from determining the scope of assessment to achieving the certificate of compliance.

Gap Analysis and Remediation Checklist: A primary gap analysis of the product development is completed by the PA DSS certification assessorby reviewing the card-flow descriptions, code reviews, installation network diagrams and other processes. A questionnaire has to be filled in to identify the problem areas or gaps. The QSA gives the checklist to address the problems before conducting the final testing.

Product Testing: The product commissioned in the PA-DSS lab environment is tested for PA DSS standard compliance. This involves procedural evaluation and technical analysis.

Documentation Analysis: All documents, including diagrams are analyzed.

Remediation: The areas of potential noncompliance is fixed or addressed and the retesting process is expedited for completing the assessment on time.

Certification: After meeting the compliance requirements, the Report of Compliance (ROV) is prepared and sent to the PCI Council for the Attestation of Compliance (AOV). The service professionals also act as a mediator between you and the council and provide necessary information.

The manufacturers or vendors are required to adhere to PA DSS requisites for which regular onsite reviews are administered as a part of PA DSS certification services.

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