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Did you know that car accidents can cause numerous soft tissue injuries that are not readily apparent? It’s true. You could be involved in a car accident, see no immediate bruises or cuts and feel no pain. This can lead you to believe that you were lucky and did not receive any injuries. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Twenty-four to 72 hours after your auto accident, you may start to notice upper back and neck pain as well as severe headaches. These are classic symptoms of whiplash. Thankfully, there are a lot of auto accident injury chiropractors who can examine your spine and neck and develop a non-invasive, foundational treatment program to help reduce your symptoms and heal your injury. If a person is suffering from severe car accident injuries then he is recommended to get it treated by chiropractor danville ca.

The premium chiropractor treats a variety of car accident injuries, including herniated, bulging and slipped disks, whiplash, sciatica and extremity joint injuries. It can even treat shoulder injuries that are caused by your seatbelt. If you suspect you have an auto accident injury, you should contact as soon as possible after your accident, usually within 24 to 72 hours, in order to locate hidden injuries before they start causing you extreme pain and limiting your ability to complete your daily tasks.

The chiropractor San Ramon uses a foundational approach to treat car accident injuries. He starts with a complete physical examination combined with a medical history that includes the date of your accident and the symptoms you have been experiencing since your crash. Our auto accident injury chiropractor may also request digital x-rays to get a better look at the injuries caused by your accident.

Once a diagnosis has been made, the chiropractor will develop a treatment program, using the foundational chiropractic approach. This approach is focused on correcting imbalances in the spine in order to facilitate healing and improve overall wellness. The approach typically starts with chiropractic adjustments which correct the alignment of your vertebrae. This helps reduce back and neck pain and improves the function of the central nervous system. It also increases blood flow around the vertebra that’s been adjusted, which improves your rate of healing. As you move through the program, the chiropractor may also recommend other chiropractic modalities, like corrective exercises and targeted stretches. After a few sessions, you should start notice that the injured area feels better, and you should need fewer OTC and prescription medications to control your pain and inflammation.

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