Avengers Anatomy: 5 Weird Facts About Thanos’ Body

Thanos is considered to be the most powerful supervillain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was first introduced in the film, Avengers: Infinity War. He has defeated most of the superheroes of the team Avengers in the film. There are six Infinity Stones in Thanos’ snap, which makes him more powerful. All of these gem-type stones have different roles designated to each one of them. The first stone, Space Stone, appeared in the film, Captain America: The First Avenger. Thanos made massive efforts to collect all the Infinity Stones to become more powerful.

Thanos defeated many superheroes of the Avengers, including the massive Hulk, the Asgardians, and more. But still, people did not like his build. According to some of the fans, Thanos was a very powerful character having two legs, two hands, and ahead which is very common and a powerful supervillain like Thanos did not deserve the get-up of a familiar villain.

Here we will discuss five weird facts about Thanos’ body.

His Muscles

According to the Marvel comics, the appearance of Thanos is wild and bulkier as compared to its appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Thanos defeated the ‘Incredible Hulk’ in the MCU, but there was the fact that Bruce Banner was not angry enough at that time because he was unconscious. Later Thanos fought with Hulk in the film, Avengers: Infinity War.

His Speed

Thanos was not seen speedy enough in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanos has seen traveling through either a spacecraft or by teleportation. However, according to his speed that is mentioned in the comics will surprise you as he had defeated Silver Surfer once according to the comics. Silver Surfer is a character from the film, Fantastic Four, and he can travel faster than the light. In this way, Thanos’ speed would have been more than Silver Surfer’s speed, and this kind of speed was not shown in the movies.

His Deviant Gene

Thanos is one of the Eternals. Celestial created the humanoids and also created the X-gene in humans and Deviants, who are religious and more science-oriented Eternals. With the result of excessive mutation, some of them are considered monsters. Thanos has a Deviant gene inside him which is why he looks like Grimace and also has a trademark chin.

His Immortality

Eternals are generally considered as immortal and can live forever. They can be killed only by someone who possesses immense power. They can even tolerate high temperatures. Thanos has double benefits as he is durable because of his Deviant gene and thick purple skin, and he possesses high strength because of his Eternal background. Also according to the Marvel comics, Thanos is immortal.

His Brain

Thanos has an excellent brain, and this can be proved by his smart scientific experiments. For example, Thanos created the Space Throne on his home moon. This throne can travel faster than light. It is also capable of teleportation. Another example to prove Thanos’ intelligence is when he defeated the God of Mischief – Loki. Loki is famous for his tricky magical powers and ability to create illusions, but Thanos already knew all the activities of Loki and defeated him easily. Thanos is also capable of telepathy, and he used this technique to defend himself from the opponents who were capable of using telepathy. After exploring some weird facts about the MCU’s Thanos and his body, everyone can understand why he is so strong and powerful. He has destroyed most of the heroes of the Avengers alone, which is not an easy task to complete. We have concluded that Thanos is not only strong enough to fight against any opponent but also possesses a brilliant brain.

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