Avoid freezing to oblivion with the help of Free Storage Heaters!

During the late 1960’s, the Economy 7 tariff (7 hours of cheaper off-peak tariff during the night) was introduced so as to encourage consumers to use electricity at night as well. This was done to ensure smooth and efficient continuous running of power houses, as the demand for electricity used to plummet during the night. Since then, charging the room heaters at night so they can provide heating all day long, had become kind of a tradition.

Problems with Old-Fashioned Storage Heaters

However, the old fashioned storage heaters cause a whole lot of trouble these days. Many a times, these storage heaters run out of charge in the middle of the day. This means you either have to freeze to oblivion, or find and arrange for a secondary heating source. Also, overnight charging means that you need to plan in advance; if the weather suddenly changes, you’ll either have to open windows to let the heater cool down or use another heat source to stay warm. Many heaters lose most of their heat from the back, charring the walls behind them in the process. Thus, these heating units are effectively inefficient in the modern day.

Solution to Old-Fashioned Storage Heaters

The latest technology in storage heaters means that you can get your home heated in as less as 45 minutes, with no requirement to get the heaters charged overnight. These heaters also provide an even heating all throughout the house, ensuring your toastiness in every part of your home. Plus, you can even control temperature settings remotely through wi-fi.

Get your Free Storage Heaters today!

To overcome difficulties of old fashioned storage heaters, and to ensure energy efficiency, the Government of UK provides Storage Heater grants, as per its Energy Company Obligation (also known as Energy Efficiency Scheme). Energy Suppliers are bound to deliver at least 15% of the ECO scheme’s goals to home owners. However, you need to check your eligibility for the grant, and then jump through plenty of hoops to get things done.

Being a Grant Specialist, WarmFront UK takes care of all the steps for you. If you wish to upgrade your storage heaters, all you have to do is contact us. After finding out if you qualify for the grant, WarmFront will take all the necessary steps to get your new efficient heaters installed.


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