Avoid These 4 CCTV Camera Installation Mistakes

The post explains to the readers about 4 common CCTV camera installation mistakes to avoid. Each of them is explained lucidly for the reader’s understanding. Go through the post and learn all you can about them.

Installing a CCTV camera may seem appear enough to you. But there’s a lot of it that doesn’t meet your eyes.

Infact many believe they can self-install the CCTV /home alarm system(s) in Bankstown, but unfortunately end up making crucial mistakes. And in the below section we will discuss about those mistakes lucidly.

So, follow the post carefully.

Mistake 1 – Improper Positioning Of The CCTV Camera

Needless to say, proper positioning of the CCTV camera is very crucial to get clear views of the area you want to monitor. But many get this crucial aspect slightly wrong and end up not using their CCTV camera to its fullest potential.

So, avoid this mistake and make sure you pick the right position to place your CCTV camera.

Mistake 2 – Not Properly Calculating The Number Of CCTV Cameras You Want

If you have an entire property to keep close watch, then you will need more than 1-2 CCTV cameras. Since there are so many areas and blind-spots in your property which need proper surveillance; you need to figure out exactly how many you want to install.

If you can’t decide for yourself, then the wise course of action would be to speak to your CCTV installer working near you in Lidcombe to help you figure out the number of CCTV cameras you need.

Mistake 3 – Leaving The CCTV Cam Cable Exposed To The Outdoor Environment

Another mistake which many make during their CCTV camera installation is leaving the cable wires exposed to the outside environment. Doing so, makes the camera prone to tampering or being damaged.

So, make sure none of the CCTV cables are left uncovered. This will also help reduce potential CCTV operational issues.

Mistake 4 – Not Scheduling Frequent CCTV Check-Ups

It is imperative that you schedule frequent check-ups to ensure your CCTV camera is up to date and functioning as well as it should. Unfortunately, this is something not many follow.

Many a times, CCTV cams may be installed using poor quality materials which won’t last a good span. And without a proper post installation check-up, you would never come to know about it.

So, don’t make this common mistake. Look to schedule a check-up with a quality installer near you to see if everything is fine or there are room for improvements.

Final Words

These stand as some of the common CCTV camera installation mistakes which many DIY-homeowners and inexperienced installers make. Now that you know, you can always cross-check with your CCTV installer near you in Lidcombe during the installation phase to be sure about every single aspect.

Also take your time in picking your CCTV installation expert to get the work done right at the 1st attempt. Check their years of experience, their reputation and the kind of other home alarm and security specialties they possess. Lastly, go through their customer pleasing record and compare their rates with the other existing price quotes in the market to get a fair idea of the industry standard rates.

Each of these will help you in making the right decision when the time comes. And FYI – if you do require a good word of mouth- you can speak to the experts here!

The author has several years of experience in CCTV camera installations and home alarm system fitting in and across Lidcombe and Bankstown. Besides this, he also likes writing about CCTV and home security systems, sharing tips and DIY suggestions to homeowners.

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