Avoid These Mistakes When Wearing Socks


You’ll be dressed neatly for every occasion. With big collections, you might believe that you will never go with your choices of clothes. But, you don’t care much about your socks. Socks are often the most overlooked piece of clothing accessory. In fact, there is a common misconception that socks are just that socks. But, aren’t they functional accessory to keep your feet warm and cosy? Indeed. Without socks, you can’t even imagine spending winters. Besides protecting your feet, socks have evolved as a new fashion trend. Socks are no more boring! Silly kids socks are available in a range of colours, crazy patterns, and sizes that can be paired with any outfit and stand out from the crowd.

However, the sock you pair up with your shoe is crucial. The wrong choice of socks and footwear can result in a major fashion blunder. If you are looking to carry off your appearance in style, avoid these mistakes by selecting the right colour silly socks for kids that goes well with your outfit and shoes.

Sticking To Shades of Black

It is no wonder black is the safest choice most of the times, especially during the last-minute and when you are confused about what to wear. But, it can be a colossal mistake to wear black sock as they don’t pair well with many footwear and outfit.

White Socks

See, white socks are for physical activity and gym and shouldn’t be worn for other occasions. Always, remember, they are sport socks. We all probably make this mistake at least once in a lifetime. Please don’t do it, even it is shades of white with some patterns, as it can look odd and ruin your outfit.

Wrong Colour Coordination

Yes, it’s okay to go bold with your choice of colours. But, it should go well with your outfit, footwear, and other accessories. You can even create contrasts but ensure it suits well. As a general rule, the sock colour should match the colour of your pants, not the shoes. However, you can see people generally don’t abide by this rule. Your outfit should look seamlessly, and it is important to have a solid line of colour at the bottom, from pants to shoes. Wearing sock that doesn’t match pant colour can give an odd look, especially when you are in suits, formals.

Socks and Shorts

If you are wearing shoes with short, then your socks should be as short as possible. You could even go for a pair of no-show socks. Wearing long socks won’t suit shorts.

A Perfect match of sock, outfit, and footwear can help showcase your personality and make a statement. Try avoiding these mistakes when wearing socks.

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