Awesome third-person longboard skating game

Tanuki Sunset is a fantastic third-person longboard skateboarding game. Tanuki, a raccoon, will skateboard through twisting lanes into the sunset. Tanuki must perform all of the jumps and drifts necessary to escape obstacles while collecting things to earn points. Your roulette meter will fill up as you collect points, allowing you to spin for more bonus points. So, remember to attempt to accumulate as many points as possible.

When you reach a certain checkpoint along the route, you can stop and visit Bob’s Skate Shop. Tanuki can purchase new board components, apparel, and accessories from this location. He can also play the arcade game and call his chatty mother on occasion. Players must frequently drift in order to get air time and dodge obstacles such as vehicles. To maximize your score, keep your raccoon near to the walls and edges. Because this is a third-person game, you may enjoy the amazing images and excellent audio while descending in tanuki sunset!

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