Ayurvedic Piles Treatment Without Surgery in Delhi

Who is Dr. S.K. Singh?

If you have been suffering from piles for a long time and are looking for Piles Clinic Near Me to relieve intolerable pain, book an appointment with Dr. S.K. Singh and get the proper solution to your problem.

Dr. S.K. Singh, a Top Proctologist in Delhi, has treated over 50,000 patients with a resounding success record throughout his more than 30 years of practice.

To identify patients’ illnesses, Dr. S.K. Singh allows them plenty of time to express themselves. He combines Graded Kshar Sutra therapy with the most successful Ayurvedic approach and the most contemporary medical technology.

He is the Best Doctor for Piles in Delhi. Dr. Singh offers affordable and effortless ayurvedic Piles Treatment Without Surgery in his clinic. His name comes under the Best Piles Surgeon in Delhi.

Piles- The Name of Unbearable Pain

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, are vein-engorged tissues. They are found in the rectum and anus walls and can cause minor bleeding or form small blood clots. Hemorrhoids develop when tissues grow, deteriorate, and separate from their supporting framework. This results in a sac-like protrusion that spreads into the anal region.

Humans are the only animal species that develop hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are widespread, with up to 86% of people reporting having experienced them at some point in their lives.

This term, however, is frequently used to refer to any anorectal problem, including itching. While they can occur at any age, they are most common between the ages of 45 and 65.

Depending on their development, hemorrhoids may cause either internal or external symptoms.

External hemorrhoids are located on the anus’s outside. One might feel a hard lump there, which is frequently painful since it becomes irritated by bowel movements. Because there are so many nerve endings on the skin near the anus, external hemorrhoids hurt.

Internal hemorrhoids are located on the rectum’s inside. They may not cause symptoms and may only be found or diagnosed when they bleed.

Symptoms of Piles:

1. Anal region pain and discomfort while seated
2. Discomfort when passing a stool
3. Feces with blood
4. Swelling, redness, and erythema close to the anus
5. Bulge around the anus that hurts
6. Having a confused bowel feeling despite having passed a stool

Treatment of Piles:

Imagine that your doctor tells you to have a pile surgery because you have hemorrhoids. How would you feel? Fearful, alarmed, astounded, perplexed? These are common responses when something similar occurs.

Ayurvedic treatment for piles is a holistic and natural treatment. It doesn’t require any surgery, which makes it the safest and most effective treatment. It also does not involve using medicine or medicine-like substances that some modern doctors use for treating this disease.
Kshar Sutra Therapy is a procedure with a high success rate for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The Kshar Sutra therapy is a well-known Ayurvedic remedy, which provides excellent results in the treatment of piles without surgery or other invasive procedures. A doctor uses a special thread to cut off the hemorrhoids and tie them in place, which helps in the healing process. This treatment is painless and safe as it doesn’t require surgery.

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