Azure SQL Database Server


Azure is really a complete cloud platform that may host your existing applications and streamline new application development. Azure will even enhance on-premises applications. Azure integrates the cloud services that you’ll require to develop, test, deploy, and manage your applications, all while taking advantage of the efficiencies of cloud computing.

By hosting your applications in Azure, you can begin small and easily scale your application as your customer demand grows. Azure also supplies the reliability that’s necessary for high-availability applications, even including failover between different regions. The Azure portal enables you to easily manage all your Azure services. You can even manage your services programmatically by utilizing service-specific APIs and templates.

Azure SQL Database Server

A SQL Database server is just a logical construct which acts as a central administrative point for number of single or pooled databases, logins, firewall rules, auditing rules, threat detection policies, and failover groups A SQL Database server could be in an alternative region than its resource group.

The SQL Database server must exist before you create the Azure SQL database. All databases managed by way of a SQL Database server are manufactured within the exact same region whilst the SQL Database server.

A SQL Database Server:

  • Is established in a Azure subscription, but could be moved using its contained resources to a different subscription
  • Is the parent source for databases, elastic pools, and data warehouses
  • Supplies a namespace for databases, elastic pools, and data warehouses
  • Is really a logical container with strong lifetime semantics – delete a server and it deletes the contained databases, elastic pools, and data warehouses

Manage Azure SQL servers, databases using the Azure portal

There are multiple methods for addressing a new SQL server form, either by developing a new SQL server or within developing a new database.

Create a blank SQL Database server

For creation of an Azure SQL Database server (without a database) using the Azure portal, navigate to an blank SQL server (logical server) form.

Create a blank or sample SQL database

For creation of Azure SQL database using the Azure portal, navigate to an blank SQL Database form and give you the requested information. You be able to create the Azure SQL database’s resource group and SQL Database server ahead of time or while creating the database itself. You can blank an empty database or create an example database based on Adventure Works LT.

Manage an existing SQL server

To handle a existing server, navigate to the server using a number of methods – such as for instance from specific SQL database page, the SQL servers page, or the All resources page.

To handle a current database, navigate to the SQL databases page and click the database you wish to manage. Start setting a server-level firewall for a database from the Overview page for a database.

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