Azzure Couture Releases Its 2022 Prom Dress Collection

The long awaited and quite talked about Azzure Couture’s 2022 prom dress collection is out this week. The prom dress collection was seen lately in the fashion show that happened on Saturday. Ever since then, the fashion world is talking about this new collection of prom dresses.

The Operations Head of the brand shared that the new collection will still take one more week to reach its retail outlet located globally. However, the customers can visit the website and can pre-order the dress. As soon as the dress arrives at the retail stores, the customers with pre-booking orders shall be informed immediately.

The Creative Designer of the brand revealed that although the basic ethnicity and the glory of the prom dresses can be seen in the new collection, however, a coating of the regional wedding tastes have also been included in the collection. This unique combination will help in targeting variety for the existing local customers and at the same time would help in approaching the global customers with their country’s tradition and taste.

The CEO of the brand is already very positive about the new prom dresses collection as they have been approached by a lot of investors from all across the globe, expressing their interest in merging with their brand and requesting for acquiring exclusive selling rights in their country. Also along with the investors, a lot of loyal customers have visited the website and have placed their pre-booking orders. The CEO shares that with the launch of the new collection; the brand is expecting an annual growth of 60% this year in comparison to the last year which would also mean that they would be able to meet their annual targets easily this year.

Azzure Couture’s stylist shares various styles that are a part of this year’s prom dress collection. These are as follows:

– Drapes

– Ruffles with the French look

– High Slits

– Tiers

– Mermaid Silhouettes

– Lace Dress

– Hi-Low Hemlines

According to the Marketing Head of the brand, each Azzure Couture’s retail outlet has trained and well-experienced stylists who can very well help the customers in choosing the best prom dress for the upcoming special event. The collection will hit the stores next week and therefore plan the visit accordingly.

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