B2B EDI Integration Services

B2B is the acronym for Business to Business, which when translated would be business to business, in simple words, it is the name given to the commercial link between two companies electronically (Electronic Commerce).

EDI and Electronic Commerce

When we speak of electronic commerce, we refer to any type of commercial transaction that is carried out through electronic means and using the different telecommunications networks that we have.

EDI is a standardized way of doing Electronic Commerce, integrating it directly into administrative systems. Electronic commerce has become an indispensable form of purchase / sale in today’s Information Society.

What is EDI?

The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system allows the automatic and structured exchange of data between computer systems through a discretionary communications network, without any manual intervention, allowing the processes to be recorded in the management system in a minimum time and electronically exchange documents.

EDI components

  • Translator Software

Its function is to interpret the different electronic documents that we are going to exchange with the different EDI standards that we receive or send. This software allows us to automatically integrate with any ERP.

  • EDI Standard to Use

The EDI standard tells us the information of the fields that are sent or received and to be able to implement our mapping for Edi Integration with our applications.

  • Media

EDI exchanges require secure communication systems adapted to the peculiarities of this type of transaction. There are different options, although the most widespread are the VAN, or Value Added Networks. These are private communications networks with high levels of security, control and monitoring to guarantee the correct sending and receiving of the different messages.

EDI benefits


Cost Reduction in inventory costs.


Reduction in administrative costs.


Reduction in transportation costs.


Reduction in operating costs.




Increase in productivity



Operational and Strategic Advantages

Using EDI provides the following benefits:

  • Elimination of paper.
  • Improvement of information processing.
  • Decrease in errors.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Shortening of the collection cycle.

We present our portfolio of solutions designed to meet needs in the audit area, which allow them to implement complex and specific solutions.

Transition to EDI for the commercial sector (B2B)

Already used by more than 130,000 companies of all sizes in 45 countries to exchange approximately 650 million documents per year, Cogential IT EDI provides a dynamic and secure transfer of data between you and your business partners.

Designed for user convenience and business efficiency, this network includes end-to-end solutions for the analysis, monitoring, archiving and synchronization of master data (GDSN – Global Data Synchronization System).

Why Cogential IT for B2B EDI Integration Service?

Cogential EDI is a cloud-based solution that your company can easily implement into its operations. This platform allows you to significantly reduce operating costs and quickly return on investment.

With years of experience developing advanced systems and services for business automation, Cogential IT and business professionals have taken it upon themselves to create an advanced electronic document exchange solution.

The result is Cogential IT EDI solution, a cloud-based business-to-business (B2B) platform that enables a highly dynamic and reliable data exchange between your company and its business partners. Our product is designed to significantly improve business efficiency and is fully compliant with the latest international standards and regulatory requirements.

Our platform provides the exchange of dozens of electronic messages in a variety of formats and is widely recognized as a highly practical and cost-effective IT product. Cogential IT EDI integrates seamlessly with your organization’s own IT systems and can also be implemented as a web-based EDI solution. Regardless of the model you choose, you get effective management tools throughout the entire sales cycle, from order placement to delivery and actual payment.

Cogential EDI supports blockchain, traceability and machine learning technologies to ensure that your supply chain is optimized to optimize your supply chain and maximize business efficiency.

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