Baby Cleaning Wipes – How to Buy and Use Them?

Mamypoko_WipesBuy baby wipes for your infant from the best brands in India. You can also opt for the online platforms if you know the factors to consider before buying infant hygiene products.

Keeping their babies clean and happy remains the sole focus of every parent. Especially for new mothers, managing their infants becomes a full-time engagement. Of the various tasks that a nursing mother undertakes, cleaning the baby after they defecate remains a primary one.

Just after birth, the frequency of defecation remains high, which keeps the mothers engaged in cleaning the infant for a substantial time. Traditionally, people used boiled, disinfected cotton balls to wipe the bottom of the infants. However, the process of preparing the cotton balls involved time and effort.

Of late, you can use and buy baby wipes instead.  Regardless of the advancement of baby care products, handling and caring for a baby is still not an easy task. If you are a new mother and often find yourself at sea with your newborn baby, you should know a few hacks and tricks to ensure your baby’s health and hygiene care.

Nonetheless, the use of baby wipes does not remain limited to cleaning them after defecation. You can also use these wipes to clean their face after feeding or gently wipe their face or any other body part.

The followings are some tips for buying the best quality baby cleaning wipes from the many available on the market.

  • Fabric Material: Newborn baby wipes should always feature pure cotton fabric without an iota of polyester mix. Before you buy a wipe for your little angel, check the back of the wiper pack and read the composition carefully.

If the wipe contains polyester, you should look for another. The best brands in the market offer only cotton fabric wipe for newborn babies. Therefore, selecting a pack of wipers from a reputed brand is always a safer choice.

  • Eco-Friendly Wipes: The market has many options for baby wipes. Most of them are biodegradable. The reputed brands carry out their production process sustainably and manufacture only biodegradable wipes for babies.

If you want to buy the best baby diapers for your little one, settle for a biodegradable one.  This choice will keep babies and the planet they will grow on safe and healthy.

  • Free From Chemicals: The best alternative for infant wipes remains the chemical-free ones. Make sure that the wipe you choose for your baby is alcohol, paraben, and fragrance-free. Chemicals might impact the tender and sensitive skin of your child adversely. Therefore, the lesser the number of chemicals in wipes, the safer they are for your child.
  • Clinically and Dermatologically Tested Wipes: Reputed brands offer clinically tested wipes to ensure zero rashes for your child. Before you buy infant diapers or wipes for your newborn baby, check the cover of its pack.

If you notice a mention of clinically tested or certified on the pack, you can be sure of its quality. Clinically tested wipes generally feature natural elements like water and aloe vera which keep the infant’s skin safe from itching, redness, and rashes even after multiple wiping.

How To Use the Wipes?

Once you purchase one of the best baby wipes in India, it is time to know how to use them. When you wipe your baby’s skin multiple times, the risk of redness, itching, and rashes becomes high. Here is how you should use the wipe to keep your child clean and hygienic without impacting their skin.

  • Wipe As Gently As Possible

When you wipe your baby’s bottom, you deal with one of the most delicate parts of the child’s body. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious. Try to wipe in one direction and smoothly. This movement will keep the risk of excessive friction at bay.

  • Use Baby Creams

Before you wipe the bottom after removing the diaper, apply a baby cream topically on the diaper area. This layer of cream will protect the baby’s skin from the contaminants present in the wipes if any. The creamy layer also turns the area greasy nullifying the effect of friction between the wiper and the child’s skin.

  • Leave The Wiped Area Open

Do not cover the wipe area immediately after cleaning. Leave the diaper area open for at least 5 to 10 minutes to let it dry.

This will also help the skin breathe freely and the risk of rashes at bay. If you have chosen the wipes carefully, the risk of infections and nappy rashes becomes lesser. Additionally, if you can follow the wiper usage guidelines, our baby will never suffer from irritation in those delicate areas.

Parenthood can be a blissful experience when you know the little tricks of managing your newborn angel properly.

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