Follow your dreams and pursue a Bachelor of Optometry from the best college

The requirement of technical staff in the medical field of India is very high. Many aspirants consider pursuing undergraduate programs to become such professionals and enjoy opportunities for working with the best healthcare brands. One such course is a Bachelor in Optometry (BOPTM) conducted by the reputed colleges in India. This course will teach students about the organs related to our visual system. It will also teach about the diseases, their treatment, and management.

About Bachelor of Optometry course

This course is an undergraduate program conducted by the Bachelor of Optometry colleges in Gurugram offering a four-year-long curriculum. This course is designed in a semester format. In 8 semesters, the following subjects are taught to a student.

  • General anatomy
  • General physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical optics
  • Optometric Procedures
  • Environmental studies
  • Ocular microbiology
  • Effective listening
  • Biostatistics and mathematics
  • Hindi and foreign languages
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Medical psychology, etc.

This course will teach students about the sciences involved in our vision system. It will also teach how to treat various illnesses under the supervision of relevant physicians. In fact, trained professionals will also educate patients about how to manage eye illnesses and maintain the curative process.

Eligibility criteria of Bachelor of Optometry

The eligibility criteria of the colleges vary. Let us find out the basic criteria that a student has to meet to secure a seat in the top colleges in India.

  • A student must study science in the 10+2 board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology as compulsory subjects.
  • An aggregate of 50% is mandatory in the 10+2 board exam as the base score to get an admission.
  • Institutions can also conduct selection exams for the applicants. The selection process depends on the decisions made by the authority.

Top career prospects of this course

Aspirants should know that this course has excellent prospects in the medical field in India. Leading employers are looking for such professionals to incorporate them into their team. On pursuing a course in the best Bachelor of Optometry college in Gurugram, a student will be able to increase the opportunities even more.

By pursuing this course, here are the career choices a student can make.

  • Assistants of ophthalmologists in reputed clinics and hospitals
  • Practicing optometry independently (entrepreneurship)
  • Clinical services related to this field
  • An executive in the multinational companies responsible to deal with manufacturing and proper distribution of ophthalmic products such as lenses, instruments, etc.

A comprehensive course covering all the subjects and taught by good mentors will prepare the foundation. A candidate can work on his skills and develop his career in the right way under the college’s supervision.

Final words

A bachelor in optometry is a comprehensive course to pursue and become a stalwart professional in this field. The prime requirement to pursue a career in this field is to choose the right college. Always go for the top college to ensure a better platform. You will need the best resources to gather knowledge and develop your skills.

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