Bacoban Disinfectant: A Multi-Functional Disinfectant with Anti-Microbial Effect

Can you guess any one disinfectant which has wide uses in different industries? Can you name one disinfectant which is extensively used in hotel and education industry for disinfecting premises? Yes, you guess that right! Bacoban disinfectant is one of the most popular and highly effective multi-surface disinfectant with worldwide acceptance and over 99% efficacy. It has a fast disinfection time i.e. it killed different kinds of bacteria, virus fungi, and other microorganisms with 5 minutes. Many industry experts claimed that this innovative disinfectant offers residual in the form of nanotechnology.

How Bacoban Disinfectant Works?

When you clean any surface with this multi-surface disinfectant, a layer is former which remains invisible to the human eye. This layer contains biocides which diffuse to the surfaces after contamination and kill bacteria, fungi and virus with its residual effects. This effect has long-lasting results, therefore it remains effective up to 10 days. So, in simple words, if any surface is cleaned with Bacoban, it remains free from germs up to 10 days. Designed with international scale of hygiene standards, it is easy to use for improving infection control ratio in homes as well as hospitals.

Salient Features

Some of the salient features of Bacoban Disinfectant are as follows:

  1. This is one disinfectant in the market which can be used for cleaning and disinfecting any kind of surfaces right from ceramics, plastic, textile,metals to wood. Its multi-dimensional approach provides the highest level of antipathogen protection. It is equally effective in cleaning walls, floors, consumer electronic devices, medical equipment, furniture items, etc.
  2. It is medically proven to provide 10-days protection against fungi, bacteria, virus and many other pathogens.
  3. It is a water-based product, which is bio-compatible and an eco-friendly product that helps in reducing odors caused by bacteria.
  4. Patented and registered worldwide to offer long-lasting surface disinfection for sensitive areas and areas with multi-user environments.
  5. It is available in the market in various forms such as wipes, nebulizer and water-based concentrate. All these forms are ready to use.

Approved Uses of Bacoban Disinfectant

Some of the medically approved uses of the highly effective disinfectant are as follows:

  1. Extensively tested by aerospace industry and approved for disinfecting aircraft from inside and outside.
  2. Approved for wide-scale usage in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  3. It contains no phenyl and voltaic organic compounds and therefore safe to use even by food processing industries.
  4. You can even clean the car interiors with the disinfectant as it will not damage any interior or its paint.

Health experts strongly recommend to clean and disinfect entire house with Bacoban disinfectant as its anti-microbial effect stays up to 10 days and it reduces chances of infection by making surfaces clean for the 10 days. This eventually reduces the cleaning to 50%. So, if you want to disinfect your house, you can bring the Bacoban disinfectant either in wipes or in a water-based concentrate form and start the disinfection by wearing protective clothing like gloves and eyewear. Commercial settings should prefer calling a professional company offering disinfection solution with Bacoban.

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