Bad Lifestyle Habits Responsible For Wrinkles under the Eyes

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One of the most common reasons for wrinkles beneath the eyes is poor skincare or a lack of a regular skincare program. Not removing makeup before bedtime is one of the common blunders that lead to wrinkles under the eyes. When there is no eye cream, and you rub your eyes, the skin on your eyes will break. Aging is the most typical cause of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. However, other prevalent causes, like UV radiation, might be preventable. Your daily habits may be detrimental to the skin around the eyes. Sometimes, these repetitive behaviors that can cause deep wrinkles beneath the eyes are unconscious habits you aren’t even aware of. In this post, you can see about the bad lifestyle habits responsible for under eye wrinkles treatment:

Drinking a lot of alcohol

Everything needs to be subdued. The primary factor causing wrinkles under the eyes is excessive drinking. Because 90% of the water in your body is stored in the skin, alcohol dehydrates the body, especially the skin. Additionally, it contains a lot of sugar, especially if you consume cocktails. Wrinkles may result from the high sugar content’s ability to eliminate free radicals.


To state the obvious, smoking contains thousands of hazardous chemicals that harm your skin cells and cause wrinkles to appear sooner than they should. Additionally, smokers use their mouth muscles a lot more frequently than non-smokers. The mouth, nose, and even the forehead become wrinkled due to this repetitive muscular activation. You can get the under-eye wrinkle treatment if you have wrinkles around your eyes.

Staring at a computer or mobile phone

Screens on laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and computer monitors emit radiation. They can create abrupt wrinkles around the eyes and long-term damage to the face and eye skin because of the blue light they emit. It is advised to occasionally engage in digital cleansing. You frequently squint your eyes when reading lengthy emails and texts on small screens, like those found on mobile phones. Squinting can result in deep creases behind the eyes over time.

Adequate Sleep

For marinating beauty, sleep is crucial. Your body will heal and rehabilitate itself as you sleep. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day is advised. According to studies, the leading causes of wrinkles around the eyes are restless nights or sleeplessness. Women who receive less than 5 hours of sleep each night have almost twice as many wrinkles as those who get 8 hours of sleep. If you suffer from wrinkles, getting the best Aesthetician Services in Jacksonville is a better option.

Sleeping on your face

You probably never considered that one of the factors contributing to wrinkles beneath the eyes could be your sleeping position. Your face will be pressed against your pillow if you sleep on your side or stomach. The skin surrounding your eyes is under pressure as a result of this. Under-eye lines and deep wrinkles can result from persistent pressure.The best sleeping position is on your back with your face up. You can develop the habit of sleeping in this posture all night long with some effort. Pillows should be placed all around you to prevent turning over.

 Wrapping it up

As a result, the above-listed concerns the bad lifestyle habits responsible for wrinkles under the eyes. The best way to prevent wrinkles on your face and maintain it as youthful-looking as you desire is to avoid these practices as much as possible.


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