Bad Oral Habits You Need to Break Now

Bad Oral Habits You Need to Break Now

Everyone dreads a visit to the dentist. If you want to avoid constant trips to your dentist for checkups, you need to practice good oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral hygiene is beneficial in many ways. It is necessary for the health of your teeth and gums and also allows you to have a great smile. Good oral hygiene is also important for enhancing self-esteem. On the other hand, bad oral habits can result in a number of mouth diseases.

If you want to curb the frequency of trips to the dentist, there are some bad oral habits you need to break now.

  1. Not regularly flossing and brushing

Skipping brushing your teeth after every meal and irregular flossing can lead to many mouth ailments, including swollen gums, bad breath, cavities, and many others. If you get cavities and don’t see a dentist, it may lead to a damaged nervous system.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is bad in many ways. Besides increasing the risks of developing cancer, it can also lead to many oral health issues.

Quitting smoking will also reduce the risk of developing heart disease, oral cancer, lung cancer, and other conditions.

  1. Lip or cheek biting

Biting a lip can be an accident. But to many people, it is usually a habit that at first may be harmless but in the long-term, it may lead to serious oral problems. Biting cheeks and lips can also lead to skin infections.

  1. Brushing aggressively

Some experts recommend brushing your teeth vigorously to get rid of the plaque. However, if not done with care, it can cause damage to the gums and also teeth. Brushing too hard can cause the gums to recede and tooth structure to wear down.

If after sometimes your toothbrush bristles splayed and fan out, it is an indication that you are brushing too hard.

  1. Teeth grinding and clenching

This habit of teeth grinding or clenching your teeth can be harmful to your teeth. If you find yourself grinding your teeth, be sure to see a dentist so they can establish what the problem is.

  1. Finger or thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is not just for little babies, some grownups also have a habit of sucking their fingers or thumbs. This is not a healthy practice, as it can lead to some serious oral health issues.

  1. Biting or chewing in objects

Anything that is not food or drink shouldn’t enter your mouth, this includes pencils, clothing, or and pens. Chewing in objects can cause chips and fractures to your teeth and damage to your teeth enamel. It can also cause trauma or injury to your gums.

  1. Chewing on ice

While this is a common habit, ice chewing is actually harmful to your oral health. it can lead to broken, cracked, or chipped and sensitive teeth.

  1. Biting fingernails

Biting and chewing on your fingernails is just nasty. When you chew and bite fingernails, you transfer germs directly to your mouth. These germs can cause serious oral health problems.

  1. Sugary acidic drinks

Sugary food is one of the main causes of tooth decay. Inside the mouth is non-acidic and so if you drink too much sugar and acidic drinks, your mouth will become acidic. And when your mouth s acidic, bacteria will attack your teeth causing teeth decay.


Dropping these bad oral habits will help reduce dentist visits. It will also save you a lot of money that you would have used to treat dental problems.

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