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Company formation documents UK

If you’re thinking about starting a business, chances are you’ll have to deal with some paperwork. Here is a sample company formation document from the United Kingdom that we hope might help.

A company is formed by the process of registration with Companies House. Legal ownership of shares in a UK limited liability company must be proved through either shares or limited liability partnership interests. The documents for setting up your business will depend on what type of owner structure you want to use and how much protection is required for your finances. If you are forming a small company, it may be more economical to incorporate.

Please use this form only if you want to incorporate a UK limited liability company or if you wish to convert an existing private limited company into a UK registered trade mark, but do not require the use of any forms issued by the Registrar of Companies. There are also various other requirements that need to be met before your new company will be registered. You should first obtain advice from a solicitor or accountant who can advise you on the necessary steps taken to proceed with your registration and ascertain how much time it will take. Read More…

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