Bake Hub by Al Maya: The Best Bread Bakery you can Find in Dubai

Al Maya Group has long been the talk of the town due to its diverse classifications in its business setup. From manufacturing stationery items to the baking of bread and cakes – Al Maya is unparalleled in its field of marketing and commerce. It is indeed one of the best bread and pastry suppliers in Dubai as it holds the best bread bakery in Dubai which is popular by the name Bake Hub Bakery and Bread Basket. Being one of the core bread suppliers in Dubai, the Bake Hub Bakery specializes in quite a few types of bread in the making. Some of the customized bread baked at the Bake Hub includes French Patisseries and Artesian Viennoiseries, American doughnuts and muffins, European gourmet loaves and rolls, etc.

Bread Basket, on the other hand, stores freshly baked bread, pastries, and croissants. The specialty of this store is, that the baked items are prepared at home and then supplied, to the Al Maya chain of supermarket stores, for sale. However, there is a reasonable demand for the home-baked products made by the Bread Basket, and the supply is also seamlessly carried out. Thus, it caters to make the Al Maya Group – the best bread bakery in Dubai. AL Maya’s core business setup, that is, food retailing is well-carried by the help of such bakeries in the store.

Al Maya Group is not just engaged to sell food in their retail shops which are better known as supermarkets. The company has joint ventures with other well-recognized firms. Right from being to best pastry suppliers in Dubai to have a joint venture to produce fine quality eggs – Al Maya is an all-in-one store for you to shop. For example, Al Maya has its ties with the Al Jazira Poultry Farm (known for its golden eggs). It is indeed the leading farm for producing eggs of fine and fresh quality. Furthermore, AL Maya has established a partnership with reputed brands in apparel that range in products from sportswear to fashionwear and undergarments. Brands like Byford, Dollar, Fruit of the Loom and Live in Levis are common partners of the Al Maya Group.

The three exclusive retail shops by Al Maya – Supermarket, Borders, and Paperchase are indeed one of the most prestigious shops in Dubai. AL Maya has spread its wings and has migrated its shops to Abu Dhabi as well. The leading bread suppliers in Dubai is also the leading marketer having retail shops, stationery good, apparels, and many more. It is the one-stop halt to shop for all your home essentials at one go.

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