Bake Qifeng Cupcake in Toshiba Air Fryer

Qifeng Cake is soft, delicate, and light. It uses few materials but has a large output. It can also be used as a base for various decorative cakes. Today, I used a Toshiba air fryer to make some Qifeng cupcakes.

Compared with Qi Feng cakes of large size, the cupcake takes short time and is produced quickly, which is very suitable for people who are impatient.

However, because the Toshiba air fryer and oven are heated in different ways, the former only has upper heating tubes, while the latter has both upper and lower heating tubes. Therefore, unless you try and explore many times, you can bake a cake close to the oven version with an air frying pan, that is, the surface is flat without cracking or slightly cracking.

The cake baked in the air frying pan often has inclined cracks on the top. If you don’t mind the appearance, this Qifeng cake tastes delicious. It even fully releases the internal moisture because of the cracks, without the “stuffy” taste.

If you want to look better, you can squeeze some cream cream on the surface to “hide the ugly”, so that the whole is more beautiful.

—Qi Feng Cupcake—

[Ingredients] 2 eggs, 45g low gluten flour, 35g milk, 20g corn oil, 20g refined granulated sugar

[Quantity] 6


1. Material preparation;

2. Separate the egg white and yolk, and put the egg white into the oil-free and water-free basin;

3. Add milk, corn oil, and flour into the egg yolk in turn, and stir them into a smooth egg yolk paste;

4. Add refined granulated sugar to the egg white twice, and beat it into a fine and firm protein paste;

5. Mix 1/3 protein paste with egg yolk paste;

6. Add egg white paste and turn it into cake paste;

7. Spoon the cake batter into the cake paper cup, 7% full;

8. Toshiba air fryer cake procedure 170 degrees, 13 minutes;

9. Uniform color, soft and delicate.

Toshiba air fryer, large capacity, fully automatic and accurate temperature control, has a default program, and can also set the temperature and time by DIY. The double basket can be used alone or together.

[Small private talk]

1. Different brands of air fryers have different setting procedures, and the temperature and time can be adjusted according to the actual situation;

2. Cake can be eaten directly or used as milk cream for decoration;

3. This recipe can be baked with a 6-inch Qifeng cake mold. If the 8-inch cake is baked in an oven, double all materials.

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