Balance Your Body & Mind With Pilates Strength Exercises

Adding a weekly pilates class in the hectic schedule is not easy; however, very beneficial. Principles of this fabulous workout focus primarily on controlling breathing, centering the core and focusing on the appropriate alignment of the spine. Remember, all this is performed before starting the moves.

In pilates, there are controlled movements that aim to build strength, endurance and flexibility. You may not know but these exercises are a great way to improve posture as well as muscle and joint flexibility. If your concern is adding definition and strength to your muscles along with regular cardio and healthy diet, this workout is undeniably the best way. This is because, here the focus is on body control and conditioning that don’t lead to bulky muscles. So, what’s the end result? Well, pilates strength exercises provide you toning and strengthening.


It won’t be wrong to say that women are mostly concerned about losing weight and toning up, which is why they turn to cardio workouts. What they don’t know is that our body needs an appropriate combination of cardio and strength training in order to hit the expected goals. Women looking forward to add strength and conditioning training to their fitness schedule must go the pilates way. No matter what the muscle group is, they are all used and targeted in a single workout and that too without using weights.

Alterations to each exercise allows indulging in variety of skills and abilities. Once a person gets used to basic workout, the aim should be challenging yourself by choosing advanced versions of the exercise. This will enhance the intensity all because body’s conditioning starts improving with time.

Joseph Pilates, the man behind the workout, used to believe in body and mind connection throughout the movements. Not everyone knows but the exercises brings together the body and mind owing to practicing exercises via total control. Each movement involved flows and integrates body’s control & concentration. End result? The workout provides a rejuvenated body and mind workout, which is extremely beneficial to reduce stress.

During the last few years, pilates has earned immense popularity. Athletes and fitness freaks depend on it and take it as an important part of their training regime. These exercises are taught in a way that suits an individual in every way.

If you are planning to try something new, add these exercises in your weekly workout regime. Get training from the professional or learn through pilates videos easily available nowadays.

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