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Valvesonly Europe is among the most customer preferred high-quality Ball Valve Manufacturer in Italy. Valvesonly Europe is one of the best manufacture in offering best customized ball valve to the global customers based on their specified requirements with best service.


Ball valve is a quarter-turn controlling device which controls the flow and pressure of fluid through the valve in the pipeline system. Ball valve is fully opened and closed, to start and stop the flowing fluid using ball mechanism. The fluid flow is controlled by the position of the ball’s hole. The ball’s position is changed by turning the handle to 90 degree that is connected to the disc through the actuator.

The ball valve is opened by turning the handle to 90 degree that rotates the valve’s ball i.e. ball’s hole is in line with the flow, that starts the flowing fluid through the valve, and the valve stop the flowing fluid by again turning the handle to 90 degree in opposite direction that rotate the ball i.e. ball’s hole positioned against the flowing path to close the flowing fluid path.

Ball valve is used because of its property such as robustness, stability, and durability. Ball valve’s low pressure drop in fully opened position, shows only little resistance to the flowing fluid in the system. Ball valve controls the flowing medium such as LNG, Cryogenic application, water, air and stream.

Available types of ball valves are as follows:

  • Double block and bleed ball valve
  • Forged steel ball valve
  • Cast iron and cost ball valve
  • Floating ball valve
  • Heavy-duty investment casting ball valve
  • Fully welded ball valve
  • Top entry ball valve
  • Trunnion ball valve
  • Jacketed ball valve
  • Investment casting ball valve

Valvesonly Europe manufactures long life high-performance ball valve using high-quality body materials and also in different connection types, classes, sizes.

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