Ball Valves: Uses, Types and The Best Manufacturer


In this Blog, we will explore the uses and types of Ball Valves. But first, let’s see how Ball Valves operate and what they really are.

Ball Valves – Description

A ball valve is a shut off valve that controls the flow of a liquid or gas by means of a rotary ball having a bore. By rotating the ball a quarter turn (90 degrees) around its axis, the medium can flow through or is blocked. They are characterized by a long service life and provide a reliable sealing over the life span, even when the valve is not in use for a long time. As a result, they are more popular as a shut off valve than for example the gate valve. For a complete comparison, read our gate valve vs ball valve article. Ball valves are more resistant against contaminated media than most other types of valves.

In special versions, ball valves are also used as a control valve. This application is less common due to the relatively limited accuracy of controlling the flow rate in comparison with other types of control valves. 

Now that we’ve seen what Ball Valves are and how they operate, let’s see its types and uses.

Ball Valves – Types and Uses 

Two-piece ball valves: Two-piece ball valves are some of the most common ball valves used. As the name suggests, the two piece ball valve consists of two pieces, one piece that has one end connection and the body. The second piece fits into the first, holds the trim in place and includes the second end connection.

Use: The 2 piece ball valve will open or shut off flow on most liquids and gases quickly and easily and is suitable for just about any application where a simple on/off action is needed. Flow rate can also be controlled by partially opening or closing the valve to various degrees.

Three Piece Ball Valve: A 3-piece ball valve is a valve that swings open on both ends in order to provide easy access to the valve’s internals for maintenance and repair purposes.

Use: When seats and seals need to be routinely replaced, having three pieces allows for easy disassembly, servicing and reassembly without having to do major cutting on the pipe. Three piece ball valves also allow for elastomers to be changed to accommodate different process conditions, temperatures, pressures and flows

Fully Welded Ball Valve: A fully welded valve is designed with a fully welded and forged body to reduce weight and increase strength while eliminating several potential leak points. They are used to connect and shut off the flow of the medium in many different pipeline systems.

Use: Fully welded ball valve offers the advantage of a compact envelope, which allows for increased strength and significant reduction in weight. Furthermore, since the body is made by welding forged parts, there are fewer potential leak paths when compared to side-entry and top-entry ball valves.


We’ve seen the definition, types and uses of Ball Valves. But in case you’re wondering who is the best manufacturer of Ball Valves, you’ve come to the right place.

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