Ballroom Dancing Cures Stress and Depression!

The pandemic is not yet over! However, life must go on! You must never stay stressed or depressed. Self-love is the key to moving forward. If you love yourself, cure your stress and depression! Take a moment to enjoy, relax, relieve stress and focus on yourself.

At Templeton, we provide ballroom dance lessons that will help you escape from your daily routine, forget your problems for a while and shake off all the negative vibes.

Basically, you will all start with stretching and our approachable dance instructors will get your feet moving to hype your body up as you start to dance. Simple breathing in and out exercises can eliminate negative thoughts in your mind.

If you are a beginner in ballroom dancing, you can avail of our beginners dance lessons (Sunshine Coast). If you think ballroom dancing lessons are hard, youÕre wrong. The key to performing a dashing ballroom dancing performance is the right mind set. Of course, you can have that set with our energetic instructors at Templeton.

Apart from what we already know, thereÕs already a growing body of evidence which indicates that ballroom dancing has a positive effect on relieving stress and preventing depression.

Researchers have been studying the effects of dancing to mental health for a long time now. As an exercise, dancing actually releases good amounts of dopamine, or Òfeel good hormones.Ó Listening to music Òstimulates the brainÕs reward centres and dancing activates its sensory and motor circuits,Ó according to a student reported in Scientific American, as outlined in a ÒOn The BrainÓ by Harvard Medical School.

Relaxing oneÕs mind is the key to keeping away from stress, and if you arenÕt stressed out, youÕll get away with depression.

Group activities such as ballroom dance lessons can expand oneÕs sense of social connectedness. This will in turn lower your stress and depression levels. Taking a partner to dance, trusting him/her and trusting yourself builds this feeling of connectedness.

The ability to keep your focus on the ballroom dancing lessons helps you perform mindful meditation. To keep up with the dance, you tend to increase your focus so you can be present in the moment. This scenario can actually turn off the negative thought patterns associated with depression or stress. Thus, if you are not into traditional meditation, start your ballroom journey by attending our beginners dance lessons Sunshine Coast. This is a fun way to meditate and refresh oneÕs mind.

Ballroom dancing also releases endorphins that lowers the levels of stress hormones in our bodies. If you level up your basic ballroom dancing to attend our Latin ballroom dance lessons, you get to discover more moves. More ballroom movements means more physical activity, more exercises, more intimacy, more trust, more confidence and more energy.

Latin ballroom dance lessons are also good for personal development. As part of dancesport, these dances have defined styles and techniques. If you are already hooked to ballroom dancing, levelling up to Latin dancing (Noosa) can increase your confidence level. The different musical rhythms and emotive themes in this dance performance wonÕt let you think of anything negative. Why? Because you will only enjoy it!

Latin dancing (Noosa) is best continued by dance participants rather than doing traditional meditations and other traditional forms of mental therapy. To alleviate stress and depression, it is best to just dance and shake it all off. After all, it’s just all in the mind.

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