Bamboo Floors: Properties and Installation


Bamboo Platforms, despite prejudices, have proven to be resistant, decorative and also an ecological option. Discover the properties of this material.

Bamboo flooring:

Terrassendielen is not new in many parts of the world. They have been present in the United States for more than 20 years. However, it has not been until recently that they have attracted the attention of all kinds of owners and professionals in the construction and decoration sector.

This growing interest in bamboo is due to several factors: some interesting technical and decorative properties, and also because it is an ecological and environmentally friendly material.

What is bamboo?

Although bamboo looks like wood and shares many properties with it, you have to keep in mind that it is not. It is an herb.
There are many species of bamboo, more than 1,500. This is one of the species that reach the largest size and the one that is used to make pallets.

One of the most interesting characteristics of bamboo is its rapid growth. This quality allows continuous production without putting the species at risk. For example, bamboo can be cut down in less than three years, while many tree species require decades to take advantage of the wood.

But not only that, when cutting the bamboo does not end with the plant, the trunk and the root that continues to grow are left. And it also processes carbon dioxide even better than many trees. Hence, it is common to speak of bamboo as a sustainable and ecological material.

Properties of bamboo floors:

Landhausdielen is a quality product, with interesting features, and also some drawbacks. However, for years it has been considered that they are a type of pallet or low-quality pavement.

Cleaning and maintenance of bamboo floors:

Cleaning a fertigparkett is not complicated, it is as easy as cleaning a laminate. It will be enough to sweep and/or pass the mop regularly, and periodically scrub with soap and water, passing the mop well-drained.

It is best to use a vacuum cleaner, and as a specific soap for wooden floors. Avoid products such as bleach (ammonia) or detergents with high PH, oil soaps or waxes.

Although bamboo floors have better behavior than many kinds of wood against moisture they are not completely immune. It is not advisable to install them in areas where it will be regularly flooded.

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