Band Score Calculator

IELTS band score calculator converts a total number of correct answers into an approximate IELTS band score. The correct answers ranging from 0 to 40 and band scores from 0 to 9. It simply gives you an idea about your band score in the IELTS exam by taking practice tests at Gratis Academy. The approximate or raw test scores required to get a particular band score in Listening and Reading tests vary slightly in General and Academic exam modules. Each module is rated by Cambridge for a particular level of difficulty which determines the requirements of your raw scores.

IELTS Score Calculation

IELTS Band Score Calculation

Your IELTS Listening and Reading scores are calculated by the number of correct answers you get out of the 40 questions given in the test. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. For calculating your IELTS scores, match the total number of your correct answers in each module with respective band scores.

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