Bangkok Architect


OPENBOX Interior Design is to create a gentle atmosphere between solid lines, seamless out through nature. Connecting the owner’s requirements, culture, and surroundings. Provide a unique identity. Design is all about creating a single line, multiply into detail of object or pattern with specific neat for each requirement. To feel and sense. Balance of touch. Bangkok Architect


The Engineering team has experience in various building types and much complex construction site. The team works on projects from their initial conception right through to completion on-site together with the architectural teams. Our engineering team consists of every main system in the building.


With an experiences gained from many years of working, it’s not too exaggerated to say Openbox is an expert providing you all services relating accommodation designs in many various types. Our services are not only simple with straightforward ideas which very easy to approach but also represent arts woven into every craft pieces. Moreover, every architectural and landscape interior projects designed presented by our team are concerned with surrounding area basing on a harmony between architectural and botanical ideas. As an aspect mentioned above, you all surely be amazed by how unique style building we created. Famous Thai Architects


As a trend setting architect, landscape and interior design Company in Bangkok, we specialize in residential projects of all ranges. Our team design from Thailand modern house, Low-rise Thailand modern architecture to High-rise Residential in Thailand. Our strategies initiate with a little step by doing site analysis to know the feasibility of each project. With this method, every inch of the area shall be efficiently used no matter how restrictedthe clients’ requests are.

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