Banquet Halls—What Are the Different Kinds?

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There are various ways you may dine outside home: cafes, restaurants, concession stands, fast-food shops, etc. you may have also experienced a conference, wedding, or other event with food service available to the guests on their table. These types of events are called as banquet service.

A banquet service is a more elaborate meal because of the number of guests involved or the scope of the event.

Banquet services differ based on the style of event, the kind of service, and the extent of the menu, event, or crowd. In this article, we will highlight a few banquet kinds so you can select one you think would be appropriate for your particular event.

Types of Banquet Styles

There are various kinds of banquet styles available based on the scope of your event, your number of guests, or even the menu. Here, we outline a few of them.

Buffet Style

Buffet style is common when there are a lot of attendees. Your guest will pass through a buffet line and select the food they want from the array of food choices. Here, the guests serve themselves and have convenience in selecting whatever they want from the menu. After selecting the food, thy may return to their table to eat.

Reception Style

In a reception style banquet, the guests can select appetizers and finger foods in a buffet arrangement and serve themselves. Here, the guests may walk around the room chatting to other guests while enjoying the food.

Food Stations

Food stations are another banquet style. This is where the culinary team create stations for the various offerings available for guests. The chefs may also prepare food in front of the guests as well.

Café Style

Café style banquet service is quite similar to buffet style. Your guests would stand in a line to select their food. However, in café style banquet, there will be servers or workers who will serve your guests instead of them taking the food themselves.

Plated Style

A plated style banquet will have the guests seated and the workers or servers will bring food on plates already portioned. This service is quite efficient and also the least expensive. This type of service is also common in formal events, such as weddings.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we highlighted what a banquet service is, and the various kinds of banquet services you may avail.

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