Based on the prequel novel’s release pattern

World of Warcraft : Dragonflight will be the ninth expansion in Blizzard’s longrunning WoTLK Gold MMORPG, and even though it’s currently sporting a schedule of “when it’s finished,” a listing for the expansion’s prequel novel could provide clues as to when Dragonflight could be released.

As spotted by Wowhead an untitled Dragonflight prequel novel has been spotted on Amazon with the release date set for November 22nd 2022. That on its own isn’t an indication but, as Wowhead mentions, previous prequels have been published about four months before the release of a new expansion.

The Legion expansion’s prequel novel Illidan first came out in April of 2016. just four months prior to the expansion’s release in August of 2016. Before the Storm is the Battle for Azeroth prequel novel was originally scheduled to be released in May prior to it was released in June of this year, with the expansion releasing in August of 2018. More recently it was The Shadowlands prequel novel, Shadows Rising, released in July 2020. just four months ahead of the Shadowlands expansion in November of 2020.

Based on the prequel novel’s release pattern and assuming the novel isn’t delayed, it seems to suggest that Blizzard is currently aiming for a March 2023 release for Dragonflight. It’s the exact time frame that fans have speculated that would explain the expansion’s launch, particularly considering that Dragonflight isn’t available to test on the game’s public test realm.

Further to the idea that Dragonflight will not launch in 2022. but instead launch in the early 2023 months could be Blizzard recently announced that Shadowlands would receive a fourth season. It will not feature new content, but will instead repurpose previous raids and dungeons cheap WoTLK Gold. Season 4 will be less than the average season and will likely be released later in the year. Shadowlands Season 3 started in March. If previous seasons are any indication, will most likely last up to seven months.

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