Basic combat rules of Underworld Larp franchise


Larp is a form of improvised theatre-based gaming that is essentially without any relevant audience. The concept has gained huge popularity and a huge number of karpa are undertaken by the organizations under specific genres.

So, one can participate in realistic, horror, underworld, fantasy, sci-fi, psychological, Underworld Larp franchise, steampunk, etc.

Here are a few basic combat rules for the genre

  • Take care of the rule – Hold

This is one of the most important rules of

Fantasy larp USA. If you hear the word “HOLD” stop immediately. You need to also shout the same word.

  • This call means that you were able to perform an uncalled action, someone got hit or injured or someone is fighting with an unsafe weapon.
  • If you notice any such issue, you can ask your marshal or leader to call for a hold.
  • This must be communicated to others to ensure that all players have stopped in action.
  • Wait for your leader or marshal to call the “LAY-ON”.

Be clear about the basics

Here are some basic rules of Underworld Larp franchise – 

  • Wait for your marshal to give a command. If you are asked to guard the flag, take a hit or leave the ground, follow it
  • If you are a Marshal for Larp franchise in USA, be sure to guide your teammates
  • Discuss the situation post the combat
  • All marshals are equal in combat
  • The combat means that you need to touch other with a weapon and not hit someone directly
  • Hard hits can get you eliminated from the game
  • Keep the weapon at a straight angle
  • Never place the weapon behind you
  • Never swing or spin your weapon. If needed, place the weapon vertically and then swing it when finished

The invalid hits

  • The Fantasy larp USA combat means that you need to touch the other person with a weapon. Therefore, avoid head, groin and neck area.
  • Avoid hitting a woman near the breast, it is an illegal threat area
  • In case of an accidental touch, apologize and allow the other person to recover before resuming the combat
  • If you get hit in invalid location, it is not an injury

Making the valid hits 

  • If you get hit in a valid location, it is an injury
  • These may include the arm, hands, etc.
  • Similarly, a hit on the wrist area means that the hit is placed
  • Any hit on the region below the waist (except the groin area) is a leg hit while a butt hit means double hit
  • You must yourself count on the actual hits and injuries
  • If you feel that someone is cheating, report to the marshal
  • Any hit on clothing is not a hit. It is better to call CLOTH to count it as invalid
  • In case of Larp franchise in USA the term friendly fire is a hit by a team member and is considered as a valid hit.
  • If a weapon hits at more than one location, it is considered as a valid hit at all the locations


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