Basic Steps Experts Take When Installing Stair-Case Lifts

Installing lifts in the curved staircase is a job best performed by an expert team. The lift system can be installed in all types of staircases. These types are very different as compared to vertical types. You need to ensure that there is enough space so the lift can move freely.


Based on the space available experts may have to select right sized lift system. You can install the lift system indoors in your house.


  • Staircase life systems are safer to install
  • They are designed to lift and transport a heavy load
  • A simple control mechanism has to be installed to operate the lift


You can search for the best curved stair lifts Cincinnati team if you need to install one at any location. There are a few basics that the team will carry out when installing.


  • Column unit


The staircase railing system should be strong enough to support the weight of the lift. A complete column system has to be installed in place. The lift will be installed on top of the column system. The team that will install the lift may want to inspect the space where the lift will be installed.


The team will inspect the two floors in between the lift will operate. The staircase should also have sufficient space so the lift can move freely. You can look around for the best elevators Cincinnati services. The overhead space and height will also be calculated perfectly by the team.


  • Installing carriage


For the lift to work efficiently the carriage has to be placed in the perfect position. This is a task that requires a lot of calculation and perfection. The carriage has to be supported by the column unit. If the position of the carriage is not perfect then it may not move smoothly.


You may need to ensure that the carriage calculations are only performed by an expert team. You can hire the best elevators Cincinnati services. The wheel blocks also have to be used in between the column and carriage. The entire unit should be tested before it has been approved for use.


  • Drive base


The drive base is the part of the lift that is responsible for the life and drive of the carriage. The movement of the drive base is regulated by powerful motor control. The belt of the drive also has to be tested and installed in place.


If you are hiring expert curved stair lifts Cincinnati will test the entire system multiple times. The lift will also be tested for maximum weight support. Any drive base is designed to lift and support the known weight. The base also has to be bolted safely so the lift can operate without any interruption.


The lift also has to be fitted with a safety belt or enclosure system. This is to ensure the safety of the load when the lift is operating. In general, safety belts are used which are adjustable types. All electrical components also have to be installed in place. The lift has to be maintained and tested on regular basis. If there is a fault it has to be rectified immediately.


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