Basic Things You Should Know Before Booking Penn Oaks Golf Club for an Event

Out of the many different Chester County golf courses, Penn Oaks Golf Club stands out for having great onsite space for private parties, events, weddings, and so on. Before you book an event with us, though, there are some things you should know. Below, you will find some basic information that you need to be aware of.

1. We Host Many Types of Events From sports banquets and birthday parties up to weddings and corporate functions, we host all types of events here at Penn Oaks Golf Club. Therefore, if you have a unique sort of event planned out, don’t be too shy to ask if we can host it for you!

2. Our Events Can Host Hundreds of Guests Being a full-sized golf course with various different onsite ballrooms, we have space to host private parties that have hundreds of guests. Therefore, those who are planning a big party will often see us as their first choice in a venue due to our large size and the beautiful natural views we have.

3. The Show Will Go on For Bad Weather The worst thing that can happen on your special event day is to encounter bad weather like rain or snow. In these sorts of circumstances, we have got you covered. We will be able to accommodate for bad weather by moving guests indoors. We also have an emergency generator if the need arises.

4. You Can Arrive Early for Pictures This is usually a big deal for people booking our venue for weddings. Many of the brides and grooms want to arrive early to take some pictures. You are welcome to arrive early with your photographer and get some great shots on the day of your event.

5. Bridal Suites are Available To plan a wedding, there are lots of logistics to account for. One of these factors is having space for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to change their clothes. Usually, the bride will want to change out of her dress into something more comfortable after the ceremony. The same is often true for the rest of the wedding party.

Ready to Book a Private Event with us at Penn Oaks Golf Club? Whether you want to host a wedding or any other sort of private party, choosing a great venue like Penn Oaks Golf Club is a wonderful option for anybody who wants to make their next event unforgettable. Go right here to visit our website, learn more about what we do, and how to get in touch with us for booking your next event.

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