BASIS ID: Providing Robust ID Verification Process for Efficient AML Compliance

Most financial institutions and banks want to implement an efficient AML compliance program to increase the security of online transactions. Not just the financial sector, but several companies from non-financial sectors also find the need to employ a strong AML compliance program. For example, certain gaming companies will be next in line to implement this program to reduce the risk of fraud.

One of the most important elements of a robust AML compliance program is its ability to verify the identities of the customers of the organization. And that’s where the AML id verification software comes into play. Now, when you look at the market, you will find numerous such software solutions with advanced features claiming to provide an efficient id verification process. But not all of them stand true to their claims.

It has been observed that most of these software products deteriorate the quality of user experience. With a lengthy and complicated id verification process, most customers deter from finishing the process. This results in companies losing out on potential and long-term customers.

To combat this problem, there was a dire need for an id verification software that enhances the user experience and motivates them to complete the process. This issue was identified by BASIS ID, a leading AML KYC service provider that came up with an innovative and strong customer id verification solution.

BASIS ID started providing this excellent customer id verification software in 2017. The company is an innovator in personal data verification and data analysis. The professional, certified, and experienced team of this company is diligent and provides the finest customer id verification services worldwide to financial and non-financial companies.

The software provided by BASIS ID stands apart in the market for several reasons. The software offers fast integration, transparency, and automatic KYC/AML verification. The software offered by this KYC service provider uses advanced and robust technology such as facial recognition, biometrics, 3D face modeling, and more. Another unique feature of the BASIS ID software is the flexibility of integration through API or a widget.

BASIS ID software also has an excellent data aggregation capacity. The software provided by the company can integrate numerous data sources such as state e-IDs, local databases, and the client’s database, and more. Currently, the software provided by the company can id customers across more than 42,000 data sources through fuzzy matching.

So, make the customer id verification process smooth with BASIS ID. Get in touch with them now.

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