BASIS ID: The Best KYC and AML Verification Software

In many offices, airports, banks and other places, it has become necessary to check and detect the identity of a person to make sure that no fraudulent or criminal activities take place. Usually, when you do online banking or make online payments using different software and mobile applications, you need to get your KYC verification done. When the KYC verification started a few years back, it took a long time to get it completed, but now there are new and advanced KYC software available on the market that can take quick actions to get secured KYC verification done. BASIS ID is a reputed company that offers exciting and advanced AML and KYC verification software that can help you keep your customers and build solid relationship with them. They have developed ID verification software that can boost the speed of the process so that your customers don’t have to wait for long to get the verification done.

BASIS ID offers ID verification software to people around the globe and you can expect the minimum amount of integration time and quick support. With the help of their software, you do not need any third-party support. They have made document verification quick with the help of AI, biometric facial recognition technology, deep fake detection and live motion capture, device and network analysis, media screening, configurable PEP and many such amazing features,which makes it unique from other KYC software available on the market.

If you want to get a complete review about this identity verification software created by BASIS ID, you can go to their website and see the features and read reviews that have been published by the clients who have been in collaboration with the company for a while now. The software has verified numerous users in the past and the process is constantly increasing every single day. The software designed by them takes a few minutes to complete the entire process of ID verification. BASIS ID is the future of automated ID verification technology that thinks about next gen solutions. So, do not think further and simply get a quote for the software today!

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