Bat woman’s New Leading Lady Revealed!

After the highly-discussed exit of Ruby Rose from Batwoman, the makers have narrowed down on Javicia Leslie as the new lead. The actress was cast in the Arrowverse as Batwoman/Kate Kane for the Elseworlds crossover in 2018. The audience was all praises for her splendid on-screen chemistry with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl character, making Rose an excellent addition. This initial appearance was so well-liked that it set in motion to her own series. Season one of Batwoman finished just last year. In this first season, Batwoman was united with other Arrowverse heroes for Crisis on Infinite Earths, which was a very successful crossover event for the CW.

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Given the fact that Batwoman season one had performed so well and had already been approved for season two, Rose’s exit came as a shock to everyone. But in the days following this announcement, it was made clear that the decision was entirely mutual and that the show was just not a suitable fit for her. Contrary to widespread speculations, it was revealed that Batwoman does not intend to recast Kate Kane. The show plans to recast the character and replace her with Ryan Wilder, who will take up the Batwoman mantle later. The characters personality description portrays Ryan as “likeable, messy, a little goofy and untamed.

Before Leslie bagged this role, she was also a part of CBS comedy God Friended Me and the show MacGyver. Leslie recently released a statement regarding the significance to her casting to play Batwoman. She said that it was a pleasure to be the first black actress to play a role as iconic at Batwoman.

Apart from the recent announcement of the lead woman, the show, almost everything else related to season two is still a mystery for viewers. Kate Kane was well linked to every character on the first season of Batwoman. It will prove hard for Ryan to develop a similar intimacy and comfort with the characters.

Nonetheless, Leslie seems to be the right choice for the show and according to her statement, is thrilled to be a part of the show’s season two. Batwoman season two will necessarily be a reboot for CW series as Leslie is presented as the new Batwoman to the fans. Batwoman will not be back before the next year, and hence the audience will have a little more time to acclimate with the new lead. Casting Leslie at such an advanced point will help Warner Bros. and The CW to come up with some unique marketing and promotional opportunities that the other shows don’t usually get.

Final verdict: everybody is super excited to watch season two with Leslie as Batwoman next year.

Source :  Bat woman’s New Leading Lady Revealed!

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