Well, Batista needs no introduction neither do we require to mention the God of WWE Triple-H Himself. Still, all the wrestling fans out there should be well aware of the upcoming clash between two predecessor rivals.

Batista is in midways off for the release of most awaited movie premier “Avengers Endgame” in which he is playing the beloved Drax character from Guardians Of The Galaxy movie series.

Batista vs HHH: Standoff Set For Two Titans in WrestleMania 35
But Batista has been a pro wrestler since his early days before joining the Hollywood industry, and he has finally confirmed the upcoming clash with HHH as he accepted the challenge given by his predecessor rival from WWE.


The WrestleMania 35 main event is set to go live on April, and the Endgame movie is also set to premiere in the same month which makes the April month much more special for Dave Batista.

We all have a certain idea of WWE being a much more of a showoff platform then true fighting arena, still the two old arch enemies HHH and Batista are ready to face off against each other.

Triple H has now switched to two to three match each season and this time he is set to face off against Batista who is also entering his 50 years of age. Speculations are that Dave Bautista has confirmed his retirement if he loses his match against HHH and similar is expected from the end of Triple H.

The rivalry between the two has been lingered on since the old WWE rumble matches and has carried forward to the current WrestleMania. At 49 HHH is only one year younger than Batista, and surely the two would not be continuing their wrestling career for much longer and before retiring both the titans want to end up their scores against their arch nemesis.

For sure the match between the two heavy giants would excite the fans at the WWE WrestleMania, and specific outcome could be determined as to who is the best amongst both of them.

This year’s WrestleMania has received a lot of hype amongst the WWE fans as the main event for WrestleMania 35 would feature three female wrestlers to fight against each other for the world champion title.

It is for the first time that the main concluding event for WrestleMania would feature female wrestlers fight, but for sure other exciting fights to look for would be the Batista v/s HHH.

Fans can watch the WrestleMania live from any location by using the WWE Network which telecasts documentaries, behind the scenes and Pay-Per-View services. So make sure to find out what end result would turn out after the clash between the two immensely popular WWE wrestlers.

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