Battlefield 5: Trailer Teases a Classic Map’s Return

Battlefield has been among the most well-acclaimed first-person shooter games ever since its release in 2002. The game has over 50 million players globally, and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Players all around the world are waiting for the upcoming war addition in Battlefield 5.

The latest installment for the franchise was released in 2018 and has been a hit among the fans worldwide. Electronic Arts (EA) has been enjoying the game’s success as the versatile game is playable on Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStations.

The much-awaited war in Battlefield 5 is going to be out on October 31, 2019, and EA intends to excite the event even more than it already has. EA recently released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated War in the Pacific. The trailer showcases the intense battle taking place at Iwo Jima.

We get to see the newly included two factions, the Japanese and the American. The trailer also flexed on the games with new vehicles, weapons, and much more. However, EA did not stop here as most likely; the most hype moment in the trailer was the Wake Island map.

We first saw the classic map with the initial Battlefield 1942, and the map’s inclusion in Battlefield 5 will mark its 9th addition in the franchise. Wake Island map is vastly recognized for its Conquest Assault mode. The players had to collect 5 flags spread across the horseshoe-formed island in the Assault mode. It is yet unknown whether Battlefield 5 will have a new version for the Assault mode, but the fans are happy to see it, to say the least.

Slightly bad news for the gamers is that Wake Island would be a delayed addition to the game as it will be released in December. The War in the Pacific will pack two brand new maps at the launch. The first one being Iwo Jima as the trailer depicted the second one is Pacific Storm.

Players will battle over the open beaches and into the caves of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima while Pacific Storm consists of a sequence of islands. The gamers would fight from island to island with the help of boats, aircraft, and amphibian tanks. As stated by EA, Battlefield 4’s Paracel Storm map is what inspired Pacific Storm.

You will also receive a brand new arsenal, and the M1 Garand will make a victorious return with three more WW2-era weaponries. The arsenal includes:

  1. Type 99 Arisaka (a bolt-action rifle) for the Recon class
  2. Type 100 SMG for the Medics
  3. M1919A6 machine gun for the Support

We will also get the following additions at a yet undecided date:

  1. Nambu Type 2A
  2. M3 Grease Gun
  3. Type 97 LMG
  4. M1918A2

The upcoming edition will mark the fifth chapter for Battlefield 5 Tides of War live service. Some new additions like vehicle personalization and Practice Range alongside a single-player story mode at World War 2’s end are provided as well.

The second chapter packed a new co-operative mode alongside the Rush multiplayer mode. We received a Firestorm battle royale with Trial by Fire while Defying the Odds added multiple maps set in France, Norway, and Greece. We do not know as of now whether this will be the final addition to Battlefield 5, but this certainly looks like a good spot to wrap up the WW2 game.

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