Battletoads: How to Locate the Turbo Bike Warp Wall

Battletoads is a unique, but pretty challenging game. The game has provided a total of 61 unique types of achievement tasks that are available on Xbox. Among the 61 achievement tasks, some of them are pretty straightforward, and some are very challenging. These tasks are easy to understand, but while playing them, it takes a lot of time to complete. Every achievement task provides a separate challenge that players have to complete to get the reward. Among several achievement tasks, one task is to find a Warp Wall on Turbo Bike.

History of Turbo Bike Levels

It was first introduced at E3 in 2018. Battletoads game came up with old-school Battletoads experience that offered a nostalgic experience to players. The game also includes the Turbo Bikes that once appeared in the 1990s along with original titles. In August, the game updated several new bike levels. Now along with the bike levels, players have to focus on achievements as well.

Battletoads: How to Locate the Turbo Bike Warp Wall


How to Get the Wall

You might have crashed numerous Turbo Bikes to reach the endpoint of the game. Now you have to crash one more Turbo Bike to acquire the “Warped Sense of Humor” achievement. In the achievement, it is written: “Find the Warp Wall while riding a turbo bike.” However, it should be more like “run the Turbo Bike into the Warp Wall” rather than “Find.”

Where to Look for Warp Wall

The following achievement is similar to “The Dlala Code” achievement because it doesn’t provide players essential clues to look on which side. However, if the task is related to Turbo Bike, so the Warp Wall must be somewhere close to it. You simply need to look for the blue circle on the Warp Wall. You will find this type of wall in the game in several areas. To find a blue circle on the Warp Wall, you need to move at Act 4 stage.

Location of Warp Wall

In the game, several stages are available that include Battletoads Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act 4. The Act 4 stage provides some most challenging levels that include the “Nightmare Riders” level. Just after entering the following level, you will see the Warp Wall in a few seconds on the right side. You simply have to run towards the central blue circle of Warp Wall to earn your achievement. Don’t forget to slide the right to finish the achievement.

Conclusion – In the era of advanced graphics, Battletoads is trying to provide a nostalgic experience to their very old fans. Battletoads has been popular since 1991, but as the time changes, developers change the content and improve the graphics as well. But, to offer some unique experience, developers of Battletoads have added the Turbo Bikes and challenged the players to find the Warp Wall.

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