Be bound to garner more controversy and vigorous debate

feedback! I’m sure we could have done better during this behemoth post to reiterate that all that’s in OSRS gold is just an idea, and not the only possible manifestation of the Bard ability. We think the features we’ve outlined demonstrate its distinctive nature, flexibility and ability to be integrated into different game systems.

This is not a prescriptive design that demands that every element to be a “final cut”. We’re just trying to offer a multitude of options for training strategies as well as rewards, because as you mentioned, any pitch for a new skill is going to be under significantly more scrutiny compared to any of the 23 traditional skills we have currently, none of which needed to meet a 75% supermajority requirement of yes votes, naturally.

IMO I believe that the advantage of GentleTractor’s concept post that preceded this one helped create a fundamental understanding of how the Bard ability might look and interact with an graphically heavy and detail-light design. I believe his post went a long way in creating a solid initial consensus (on this platform, anyway) around a concept that would be embraced by a large majority of people.

For any new skill pitch, whether it player or developed by a developer, I believe the best strategy is to first create consensus around an idea that is well-known and its foundational principles before going into the intricacies behind the specific aspects of the pitch balance, for example.

With this post here is bound to garner more controversy and vigorous debate , because it’s much more detail, and, therefore many more things to identify to be a problem with. We anticipated that this would be the case, which is why we made the decision to offer the most complete content idea as we could. Did we give too many options? Maybe. But it’s hard to know among just three people which suggestions are the most effective and which ones should be scrapped. That’s why we have you!

On integration – I think every new skill should blend seamlessly but not at the cost of trying to be a panacea for ALL of the game’s problems. Otherwise, cheap OSRS gold could end up diluting itself and becoming counterproductive towards its goal. However, if a new skill lacks true integration the result is abilities like Dungeoneering, where you could be able to camp at a single location between 1-120, and the rest of the skills that was available was outdated. Or Construction, where the entire process was performed in one isolated POH situation before Mahogany Homes was introduced. A new skill can enhance and enable existing skills, but to what degree is still a matter of debate.

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