Be The King Of Digital Healthcare With A Practo Clone App

Multimedia consultations and virtual healthcare have made a rapid growth over the past decade. One platform has been the centre of all this? Guess who? It is Practo. Patients can use a variety of healthcare services like audio and video consultation, lab test booking, medicine delivery, and even surgeries. Entrepreneurs can harness the power of the Internet economy now by developing a Practo clone app.

Analyzing the SaaS angle in a healthcare platform similar to Practo

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the new growth driver in the digital healthcare sector. Doctors can manage their practices effortlessly. Techpreneurs can offer monthly and yearly subscription packages for clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes irrespective of their operational size and location.

It contains various options like an appointment scheduling button, maintenance of electronic healthcare records (EHR), protection of data with measures like cloud storage systems, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA), whitelisting of Internet Protocols (IPs), and sharing of real-time notifications via email and SMS.

One of the special aspects of a platform homogeneous to Practo is that sick persons can discover doctors effortlessly. They can choose different kinds of specialists like cardiologists, dermatologists, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), gastroenterology, neurologists, nutritionists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, and urologists.

In the long run, medical practitioners get benefits like customized templates to store treatment history, easy rescheduling of appointments, one-click processing of payments from doctors, a smart calling system, and a swift follow-up via a live chat option.

Do ill persons receive benefits? Of course. They receive advantages such as a reduction in waiting time and sharing of feedback with doctors transparently.
Moreover, techpreneurs can include premium features like calendar sync, digital marketing tools, an invoice generator, and multilingual technical support. The price of subscription plans can be modified based on the brand reputation of the clinic and the hospital, the location of the doctor, and work experience.

Wrapping Up

Practo has more than 100,000 doctors on its roster and patients have booked 50 million appointments to date. Aspiring entrepreneurs can dominate both the primary and the secondary healthcare industries. Share your business goals with a leading enterprise and come out with a Practo clone soon.

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