Beacon Medaes Vacuum Pumps | Broward A & C Medical Supply

beacon medaes vacuum pumpsWhen it comes to medical vacuum, one size does not fit all.  With different standards and codes, such as ISO, HTM, and NFPA, and different flow requirements for small clinics to large hospitals, Broward A & C Medical Supply has a vacuum solution designed to fit your needs.

Designed to ensure 100% uptime with redundancy built throughout, BeaconMedaes vacuum pumps provide the right amount of vacuum at the right time.  Offering multiple sizes and configurations, select the system to meet both your code and size requirements.

A rugged and durable medically fit lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump provides the heart of the vacuum solution.   Ensuring the critical operation of the vacuum system, our medically fit pumps are designed to tackle the challenges facing vacuum systems in medical environments with features including low noise levels, even distribution of lubrication temperatures, and long wear vane design.

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