Beat the Heat with Gong cha Mango Smoothie


As the summer temperatures rise, everyone looks for a way to beat the heat. A mango smoothie is a great way to feel refreshed and healthy. The sweet pulpy fruit is a great ingredient for a smoothie and the best place to enjoy it in Chicago is at a Gong cha café.

Gong cha is a global beverage brand specializing in bubble tea, premium tea, coffee, and slush smoothies. With over 1800 stores worldwide, a visit to a Gong cha café in Chicago means that you can choose from 600 possible combinations of drinks.

Mango Smoothies & Summer Heat

Using tropical and juicy fruits is an excellent way to make your smoothies taste amazing. Mango blends perfectly into a smoothie and offers lots of liquid and relief from the summer heat. It is the perfect ingredient to not just beat the heat, but also to overcome the loss of water and nutrients from sweating. Gong cha’s Mango Milk drink in the slush series is just the perfect beverage you will need to recover these elements and feel better.

What Makes the Gong cha Experience Special?

Gong cha has a reputation for preparing and offering an amazing line-up of drinks including bubble tea, premium tea, and a series of slush drinks and other beverages. It is a reputation we have built over the past 16 years. A combination of factors works together enabling us to deliver a unique experience to our guests – something that keeps bringing them back to us for more.

Quality Ingredients

Whether it is our Slush series or Milk Tea series, all our drinks are made of premium quality ingredients. For example, we source our tea leaves from the finest tea estates that meet our requirements for high standards of production at each step of the process.

Constant Innovation

We are constantly creating new fruity drink recipes and bubble teas. Creativity and innovation are integral and important parts of the process for us. Our portfolio is already large enough for you to enjoy a different drink every time you visit us with your friends and every new season we strive to add something new.

Whether it is our mango smoothie or bubble tea, all our recipes are created by our tea masters who are committed to the highest level of craftsmanship in our trade. The same standards and recipes are followed across all our stores, providing a consistent experience that is typical of Gong cha.

Dignity, Respect & Empathy

A rejuvenating mango smoothie is not just the only modus for you to beat the summer heat at a Gong cha café in Chicago. When you enter a Gong cha café to find relief from the sizzling heat, you will find yourself being welcomed warmly. The brand has a policy and culture of treating everyone including customers and its staff members with high dignity and integrity. There is a tradition of creating a culture of warmth that is hard to find elsewhere.

If you want to find the nearest Gong cha café, get in touch with us at +1 630-995-3276 or send us a message.

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