Beauty Benefits Of Prickly Pear Carrier Oil You Should Know!

Have you ever heard about prickly pear oil? If not, worry not. Upon seeing this carrier oil, you might not want to use it on your face. This is because this carrier oil is derived from cactus and has pointed bars. But this is not the issue. Prickly pear oil is performing wonders in the skincare industry. The ingredients present in this oil are rich in treating skin-related ailments. Not just for skin, this oil is good to be used for hair too. It has a high concentration of vitamin E and hence this oil is also commonly known as Barbary oil or Indian Fig. It gives a punch of natural goodness to your skin and hence this is good for skin treatment.

A prickly pear carrier oil is a versatile oil that can be used for multiple purposes such as dealing with skin-related ailments and also to keep up the hair health. Also, prickly pear oil is good for treating sickness. When you are suffering from laziness, applying prickly pear oil onto your head and massaging it gently would give a soothing effect. Let us now have a look at multiple other health benefits offered by a prickly pear carrier oil.

Top benefits of prickly pear oil!

1. Softens your skin

Many people face the harshness of their dry skin due to the bad and even worst weather conditions out there. Yes, skin texture differs when there’s a difference in the weather outside, and hence this prickly pear carrier oil helps you the most. Applying this oil before going out in the sun would act as a protected coat for your skin and will protect you from bad and toxic rays of the sun. This will in turn provide you with a hydrated glow on your skin which will help in restoring the natural oil of your skin.

2. Lowers down wrinkles and dark circles

Well, one of the main reasons why prickly pear carrier oil is good for skin is that it lowers the appearance of dark spots on your skin and makes it flawless looking and radiant. Wrinkles are another thing that is reduced with the use of prickly pear oil. It also prevents sun damage which might have been caused to you on your skin or your hairs as well. This is because of the high antioxidants present in the oil and its anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Keeps your skin fresh and nourished throughout

Your skin is delicate. This means that you should handle it with care. Prickly pear oil has some high-quality ingredients present in it in the form of vitamin E and multiple other antioxidants which helps in gaining you a glowing look. Fatty acids are also present in prickly pear oil which helps in replenishing collagen and gives you a glowing and youthful look.

4. Decreases redness on your skin

Rashes and redness are some ailments that are caused due to the usage of harmful and chemical products. Not every product available in the market has some good ingredients which keep a good balance on your skin. Products rich in prickly pear oil have some antiseptic properties which help to reduce the redness on your skin. It also removes the bacteria from your skin which is the prone cause of acne and scars.

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