Beauty routine for perfect skin:

Do you know when to apply the serum? Do you clean your face every night even if you haven’t put on makeup? Do you know what is the ideal amount of day and night cream and how you should apply it?

Having a beauty routine is essential to show off beautiful skin every day that resists the effects of time. Here we are going to learn the best natural beauty tips.

Here is the ideal daily skincare routine at home.

Step 1: Clean in Depth:

Record this for yourself: a good cleansing is essential to keep your skin fresh and youthful. So much so that Korean skincare experts clean their faces twice in the morning and twice at night. If this is exhausting, a good cleaning is enough when you wake up and before going to bed.

Step 2: Don’t forget the Eye Contour:

It is a step that is easy to forget but you should not skip it. Apply the cream for the eye contour to the eyelids and temple with circular movements and light pressure. It is essential for those areas where the skin is more delicate and more susceptible to the early signs of aging.

Step 3: Apply the Serum:

The serum, which has a higher concentration of active ingredients and which exists in different textures (fluid, emulsion, or gel), is the next step in our routine.

Apply it in the morning and at night on the face and neck using circular and smoothing movements from the inside to the outside of the face. Two or three drops are enough.

Step 4: Day Moisturizer:

Apply the day cream to the face and neck for hydrated and nourished skin. Choose the cream that contains the right ingredients for each need (anti-wrinkle, firmness, nutrition…).

Apply it with gentle circular movements and gently massaging your face and neck. In the morning, it will also prepare your skin for makeup.

Step 5: Night Moisturizer:

At night, you must repeat the same routine that we have described, substituting the day cream for the night cream. Your skin will be more receptive, and it is the time when it performs functions such as skin cell regeneration. So, at this time you need repairing substances and hydration. A specific night care cream on the face and neck to wake up with younger skin.

That’s it – After following these homemade skin care tips, you can take care of your skin properly for a long time.



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