Beekeeper Honey –

Norway has a rich and clean nature that covers big parts of the nation.

Only 3% of the country is agricultural land and just under 2% of the country is built on. 33% of the country is forest area and another 33% is alpine tundra.

This gives us the possibility of collecting the finest pure honey from a variaty of wild nature, far away from farmland and industries. Beekeeper Honey

All our apiaries are placed in the forest or at the edge of a forest. We only collect nectar from wild flowers.

Our honey is always 100% pure and raw

That means it has not been heated or pasteurized and nothing has been added. In fact, if the honey has been subject to any of these steps, we are not allowed to call it “honey” by Norwegian Law.

We want to keep as much of the “good stuff” as possible in our honey. For quality reasons we do let our honey run through a strainer once to remove any bigger particles of pollen, propolis and beeswax, but we do not filter it. There will be smaller particles of both propolis and pollen in our honey. Raw Honey

This way we make sure that our honey is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

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