Before the release of Shadowlands expansion, let us understand WOW’s pre-patch

Judging from Blizzard’s recent moves in World of Warcraft, the next new expansion of the game seems to be coming soon, although we still don’t know the specific release date of the latest expansion called Shadowlands. As early as a few weeks ago, the game has already started Beta testing, and players have been able to accept the test invitation issued by Blizzard through various channels. And Blizzard still plans to set a release date for the new content in 2020, which means that we will know the specific release date of the new expansion sometime before the end of this year. In general, the game will release a large number of pre-patch in the next period of time to lay the foundation for new content, so that the story of Shadowlands can quickly and fully unfold.

Judging from all the expansions recently released by World of Warcraft, the pre-patch has become the standard starting content. In order to enable players to transition to the new era of Azeroth more smoothly, Blizzard has introduced many new features that will be introduced in the new expansion, although it will not involve new regions, new factions and other content. This method helps to set the story background for the events that will be used in the new extension, and can reduce the workload of developers on the day of the new extension release. Generally speaking, in order to make up for the loose ending in the previous expansion, or to move the player to a specific Cheap WOW Classic Gold position in advance, the pre-patch will also contain some processed new stories and new tasks.

Considering level squish, Covenants, race customizations, etc., the expansion of Shadowlands will make a huge change in World of Warcraft. This means that Blizzard needs to provide players with an exciting pre-patch in the remaining months of this year, so that they can experience limited new content before the official release of the Shadowlands expansion to be fully prepared.

When does the Shadowlands pre-patch come?
Blizzard has not announced the specific release date of the pre-patch through any official channels, but we can speculate from the expansion of World of Warcraft before. In recent expansions, Blizzard usually chooses to launch a pre-patch one month before the official release date of the expansion. Considering that Blizzard decided to provide players with the Shadowlands expansion before the arrival of 2021, this means that players can get new content in November at the latest. Hope that we finally get the content sooner.

What are the Scourge events?
Scourge events are storylines that occurred before Shadowlands. Developers mainly use these events to establish conflicts and introduce new expansions. Generally speaking, players may usher in scourge events two weeks before the release of the pre-patch, and these events will not end until the new expansion is officially launched.

What is the role of Level Squish?
In order to enable new players to get a better leveling experience, in the Shadowlands expansion, the player’s level cap will be compressed from the current 120 to 50. After the official launch of the Shadowlands expansion, players can also reach up to level 60 through missions in the new area.

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