Beginners Guide To Frag Your Corals

Are you someone who collects corals in your aquarium? And have mostly brought them from a local shop or so and wonder where they come from. Are you wondering about coral frags and are unsure what to do? Then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss corals in Canada and how you can frag them. This is a beginner-friendly tutorial that can help you out.

corals in Canada

What are coral frags?

The term coral frag refers to coral fragments. They are small pieces of the original coral colony. The frag has to be of a certain size and has to surpass the original plug.

The substrate the frag rests on is referred to as the frag plug. There are frag plugs available for sale. The coral flags are very popular as they are cost-efficient. And the journey of watching them grow is pretty exciting too.

Steps to frag a coral for a beginner

When you are ready to frag corals, you would need to set up an area to work. It would be best if you covered the area with paper towels or paper as you will be working with wet corals. And you would be handling a razor, too, so keep a medical kit ready for emergencies.

  1. The first thing you have to do is pull out the rock the coral is sitting on. Avoid working on the coral in water as it can put stress on your fish, and you wouldn’t have space to work in. then set it out on the paper towels.
  2. The next step is to slice the coral. You can cut off any piece of the coral, and you can slit the stalk of the coral horizontally, leaving behind the piece stuck to the rock.
  3. Now, you should fill a small bowl and then put the coral frag inside it.
  4. After this bath, you can put the frag on a rock piece.
  5. Now, you should wrap the frag and rock with plastic mesh and put it in place with a band.
  6. After this, place the rock in a low-flow area of your tank and place the original parent rock in its place.
  7. Now, you have to wait till you notice that the stalk is growing ahead.
  8. Once you see that the frag is attached to the stone, you can glue it to the spot you want it to be at.

To conclude

Make sure to keep the points mentioned above in your mind the next time you are looking to frag Corals in Canada. You are now well versed in how to do it efficiently. If you have an aquarium and are looking to decorate it, you can buy items from Frag Garage.

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