Beginner’s Guide to Womens Rash Guard Long Sleeve

While buying wetsuits online, you might come across rash guards and wonder what they are. Well, rash guards are basically protective clothing, also known as ‘rashies’. They protect you from the sand, sun, and chafing and are made of nylon, spandex, polyester, and other such materials.

Reasons to Wear a Rashguard

If you are getting into surfing, diving, or swimming in the sea, you might already be thinking of buying a wetsuit. Rash guards are worn under wetsuits and over bathing suits.

Here’s why you should get a womens rash guard long sleeve:

• Protection from UV, Scrapes, and Board Rashes

Rash guards offer a UV protection factor of 50+, which keeps you safe from harmful rays. These guards also protect you from scrapes, abrasions, and board rash while surfing. You’d be happy to know that they are also anti-microbial.

• Makes Wearing Wetsuits Easy

If you are looking for women’s or men’s fullsuits wetsuit sale online, you should know that a rash guard makes it easier to get in and out of the suit. The guard hugs your body tightly and allows you to slide into your wetsuit smoothly. For relaxing on the beach or other laid-back activities, it’s better to go with loose-fit rash guards.

• Quick Dry Feature

Womens rash guard long sleeve dry quickly, so you won’t have to worry about being in a wet top all day. Such guards can be great for activities like boating, surfing, etc.

How Different are Rash Guards from Wetsuit?

Beginners often get confused between rash guards and wetsuits when looking at men’s fullsuits wetsuit sale online. Both things are entirely different.

• Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm in colder waters. Meanwhile, rash guards do not provide warmth and are only worn for protection against rashes and scrapes.

• Wetsuits are worn during activities like surfing, diving, etc. You may or may not wear a rash guard underneath. For a more casual setting, like a swimming pool, wetsuits aren’t necessary, and you can wear rashguards for essential UV protection.

• Most wetsuits can double up as rash guards. However, A womens rash guard long sleeve cannot offer the qualities of a wetsuit.

Wearing Rash Guards Under Bathing Suits

If you are a woman who wants to wear a rash guard with your bathing suit, yes, you can. The optimal way of doing it is to wear the rash guard under your bathing suit. Ladies who are prone to get sunburns or do not want to get tanned can wear full-sleeved rash guards. They help you stay dry and feel comfortable even after several hours.

Care Tips for Your Rash Guard

• Rash guards are very thin and easily prone to damage. Be gentle while wearing them.

• Do not put your rash guard in the washing machine or dryer as it will get ruined permanently.

• After every use, rinse your rash guard with fresh water. Do not clean it with hot water, and only use cold or lukewarm water.

• Use a mild, biodegradable soap and wash both the inside and the outside of the garment.

• Hang dry the rash guard away from direct sunlight.

• Never fold the rash guard when storing. Keep it on a hanger in a cool, dry place.

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