Beginners guide to write an impressive editorial essay


Term editorial essay refers to the newspaper article that is based on author’s analysis about a certain topic. Editorial essays deal with the social, political, environmental and economic issues. It is written like an essay but in nature, it is very close to research paper.  Writing an editorial is an interesting but a tricky job.

Authors make many mistakes while writing an editorial and mix it up with regular essay writing which makes their editorial look equivocal and vague. This article serves as a guide for all starters in terms of tips and tricks to write an impact-creating editorial essay.

     Editorial essays are never based on plain point of views of author. Connecting well-structured sentences with plain generalized examples is not the editorial that will find space in any famous newspaper. In nature, editorial is like research paper where author needs to provide credible evidence for the opinions and ideas presented in the content. It requires in depth research about the topic and the point of view that author wants to adopt.  Author should clearly state the issues regarding topic and the examples from real world should be added to support the arguments. Essay without any solution or call for action ends up looking ineffective. Especially in the case of students; after multiple rejections and grade disturbances they incline towards online solution to their problems. And often end up buying editorial essays from fraudulent websites that cost them their grade, money and time. Always buy an essay from legitimate websites that rely on professional essay writers for their essay content.

       Many authors complain about not getting their editorials published. This happens because of wrong selection of topic and not adopting clear stance regarding dimension that author desires to discuss. Lack of clarity and command over the topic are the reasons for not developing clear stance. Hence, topic selection is one of the most important steps of writing notable and coherent content especially journalism students should practice topic selection from varying angles, and write essays on them. This essay practice will help them find their inner voice and their preferable type for article writing otherwise confusion in topic selection will end up ruining essay grade in final exams.

         Basic rules for writing effective editorial are similar for all types of editorials. These essays are classified by their purpose not by nature of content. This means it is essential for article to have specific purpose and subject. Always interpret the topic that you want to discuss. All the arguments should be debatable, sensitive and controversial. Always try to add some controversy in the topic to attract attention of the reader. Remember, you want to reach target audience through your editorial. For this, you can also hire any cheap essay writing service to help you perfectly. Critical thinking is the essential step that every aspiring writer should adopt for writing meaningful content. Analyze all dimensions of topic before start writing. Editorial should criticize specific actions that have taken place in reality regarding the topic and suggest alternative approach that can solve the issues under discussion. Always focus more on highlighting the issues and problems rather than suggesting solutions. As purpose of editorial is to draw attention towards the controversy that writer wants to discuss.  Many writers often start focusing on solution as compared to issues at hand which makes their editorial essay ineffective.

      Two P’s of editorial; persuade and praise add life into the editorial.  While writing persuasive pieces in editorial essays, focus on solutions than on criticism. Focus should be kept in all pieces and paragraphs. While directing reader’s attention towards particular topic and its suggested solution, use encouraging tone for readers to motivate them into adopting those solutions. Try to make your opinion their opinion. After reading essay they should feel like writer has expressed their opinions through writing. Praise is the aspect that adds positive energy into the essay. Editorial should praise organizations, leaders and people who are taking exemplary initiatives for betterment of public; or for solutions of the problems expressed in editorial essay.

     Above were the basic guidance for the beginner level editorial essay writers. But after selecting topic don’t make mistake of picking both sides of the topic. It can put wrong impact on reader, if done incorrectly, using both sides can mess up with the clarity of the essay. Try to pick side that you believe is correct.  While discussing controversial topics, make sure that you don’t use tone that simply just attacks the offender. But make sure while debating on issues at hand, engage reader with each argument, and form his opinion by raising questions.

Overall, editorial is like research paper and simple essay that just has different purpose.  Start with introduction, make sure that it has attractive and captivating thesis statement that clearly states the subject. It should entice reader to read next paragraphs. Body should consist of paragraphs that are organized according to the importance and order of arguments. All paragraphs must be in flow with the other paragraphs, in such a ways that each idea presented should lead to next in captivating way. Use correct grammar, and make sure that content is easy in a way that it is understandable for your target audience.

In the end, write conclusion based on call for action. You can also add quotes and questions in the conclusion. End should be hard hitting that stays in mind of the reader. Never use slang language in content, maintain professional tone throughout the paragraphs.  After finishing editorial, leave it for some time and then, with fresh mind proofread it and look for errors like spelling mistakes, grammatical error. Analyze your content, and its arguments and check if they are valid or not. In case you feel uncertain about any particular line or argument, don’t hesitate to modify it.

Last but not the least choose credible newspaper publisher for your article. In this context, the best way to get attention of publisher is to choose content related to current topics and scenarios. By practicing these tips, you definitely can become prominent editorial essay writer. Keep trying with consistency and hard work will get your article published in the leading newspaper.

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